RV Salvage Yards

RV salvage yards are not common businesses. In some states they don't even exist. However, there is a demand for them. People buy old RV's to fix them up but then can't find the parts. Other people just need to maintain the RVs they already own. Some just like to keep their RV in original condition. RV owners cannot do any of these things if they cannot get parts. They need a place to shop for old, used, or discontinued components.

Why Open an RV Salvage Yard?

For an RVer opening an RV salvage yard makes sense. Not only are you helping your fellow RVer but you are also making money and you get first pick. As an RVer you know that RV salvage yards are not popular and finding old or discontinued parts can be difficult. By taking in RVs that people no longer want you can accumulate the parts necessary to help others fix their recreational vehicles. RVs can be salvaged for all kinds of things. People will buy engines, chassis, windows, doors, water pipes, and tires. They may also look to purchase an awning, a toilet, or an air conditioner. Most of these items are unique to RV's because of their size. They are customized to fit an RV based on the layout of the interior or based on the additional mechanics located in the undercarriage.

Existing Salvage Yards

RV salvage yards are located across America. They are far and few between but if you do need one you can find one.

Northeast Salvage Yards

If you're RVing close to the Atlantic and heading towards Canada these salvage yards may be close by:

  • Connecticut: none
  • Delaware: none
  • Maine: none
  • Maryland: none
  • Massachusetts: Alretta Truck parts Inc. in Framingham
  • New Hampshire: Touchette Travel Trailers in Sunapee
  • New Jersey: none
  • New York: Kloiber Auto Recycling in Holland
  • Pennsylvania: Salvage Direct RV's in Titusville
  • Rhode Island: none
  • Vermont: Vintage Trailer Supply in Montpelier

Southeast Salvage Yards

On your way to sandy beaches and warm sunshine if you need help here are some places that may be able to lend a hand:

  • Alabama: Arrington's RVs in Addison
  • Arkansas: none
  • Florida: ARS RV Svc. & Salvage in Kissimmee
  • Georgia: Holiday RV Super Stores Inc. in Forest Park
  • Kentucky: Visone RV Service and Salvage in East Bernstadt
  • Louisiana: none
  • Mississippi: none
  • North Carolina: Thomas RV Salvage in Aberdeen
  • South Carolina: Holiday RV Super Stores Inc. in Greer
  • Tennessee: Bob Cox Camper Country Inc. in Knoxville
  • Virginia: none
  • West Virginia: none

Midwest RV Salvage Yards

A nice fishing trip to the Great Lakes can be even more relaxing if you know who to call in case of an emergency. Some salvage yards in the area can be found in:

  • Illinois: none
  • Indiana: Cooper RV Salvage in Elkhart, IN.
  • Michigan: Weller Auto in Grand Rapids
  • Minnesota: Jakes RV Parts & Salvage in Fairmont
  • Ohio: none
  • Wisconsin: none

Great Plains

Unfortunately there are very few salvage yards catering to recreational vehicles in the Great Plains states. However, there are a few:

  • Iowa: Ron the Bus Nut in Spencer
  • Kansas: RV Specialist Inc. in Augusta
  • Missouri: Colaw RV Parts & Salvage in Carthage
  • Nebraska: none
  • North Dakota: none
  • South Dakota: none

West Coast and Pacific Northwest

After so much driving mountain fresh air will do you good. If you need to stop for parts the salvage yards nearby are:

  • California: Bill's RV Salvage Yard in Hollister
  • Oregon: Endeavor RV in Roseburg
  • Washington: Singleton RV Salvage in Rochester

Rocky Mountain Salvage Yards

If you are in the Rocky Mountain area of the US, you might have a tough time finding an RV salvage and parts yard.

  • Colorado: Cherokee RV Salvage in Denver
  • Idaho: none
  • Montana: none
  • Utah: none
  • Wyoming: none

Southwest RV Salvage Yards

You are just about done crossing America. Your RV must be exhausted. If it should need some TLC you may want to go to:

  • Arizona: Arizona RV Salvage in Phoenix
  • Nevada: none
  • New Mexico: Holiday RV in Las Cruces
  • Oklahoma: none
  • Texas: none

If you happen to somehow make it off the beaten path and end up in Alaska or Hawaii, you are out of luck as there are no RV salvage yards in either state.