RV Renting For A 2 Week Long Trip

RV Renting For A 2 Week Long Trip


Hey.. we are a group of 4-5 people who are planning to rent an RV for a 2 week long trip. we plan to start the trip from South Carolina and move up north east to Virginia, NJ, NYC, Boston and probably Maine.

On the way back, planning to visit Philly, Ohio and to Chicago (my favorite city). Then as we move back down south, the points of interest are Indianapolis, Louisville(KY), Tennessee & Atlanta. we finally have a 3 day window for Florida and then get back to South Carolina.

We would like to know the following things. If you could answer some or all of these, it would be of great help.

1. Is renting a RV and doing the 2 week long trip the best thing to do? I am asking both financially, time-wise and logistically too. we can cut down some places if it's too much of a stretch.

2. will weather be a big issue (as most cities we are planning to visit will be snowed out)?

3. can RV be parked anywhere at night or do we have to pay for parking permit?

4. how much do you think we would end up spending for this trip just for the rental and gas? (Food can be discounted).

5. Do we have to worry about any other issues? (mechanical or financial)

6. I will be the only driver and I have no prior experience. any tips or suggestions on what I have to look for?

This website does have lot of useful information and I am going through most of it. I got to give it to you guys for the picture you have in the site. It's just too tempting for anyone to try out the RV experience. Good one!

Ok. I will stop here and let you guys review and throw in your opinions or suggestions.


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Nov 12, 2012
Full time traveling lady
by: Anita

more from Indiana lady...
gas cost is your biggest expense remember the trick is to keep your speed down , I know it will drive 65, but I save almost 50 miles to a tank going only 55.

It is winter time now and the fuel is the winter blend, so it is less per gallon, but you might buy a few bottles of octane boost to improve mileage, I use it and it seems to help about every two tanks I put one in, mine is still a carb engine , but I have talked to others that are fuel injected and they say it helps also. I have no feedback or info to offer on diesels.

If you are planning fall / winter trips to the midwest , be prepared and listen to the weather alot it can change in a split minute to nasty , cold and icy.

no experience needed , if you have ever driven a van or small u-haul it is much the same , just remember it takes longer to stop though, give yourself space between the auto in front of you.

I must warn that you need to watch all around though people will try to pass on the right, and get used to people speeding up to get in front of you nobody wants to follow the RV, any getting cut off is a given so keep your temer in check it is just they don't like to give you any room.

take a gps with you for finding RV parks
FUEL and dump stations

handy to also have an atlas with you for clarifying things too.

enough from me


Nov 12, 2012
Full time traveling Lady
by: Anita

Hi I am from Indianapolis, and you can park free at any wal-mart, Meijer or K-mart,just lock up good. the state parks in Indiana allow you to come in long enough to shower for free if you tell them at the gate that is all you want to do and most have free RV dump sites, same in Ohio and they will let you do laundry too, it is not free but nice usually, and most have free wi-fi near the camp store, and you can also charge up electronic devices for free at most shelters that have elevtric plug ins, the camp stores or club houses.
I have done alot of traveling in Ohio, and the folks are really nice.

All the Flying J's in Indiana are real RV friendly Showers there are 10.00 , get the Flying J RV card it is great .

when will you be traveling? Indiana parks close for winter most of the state

The Indiana state fairgrounds though has showers and parking available for free and don't forget FT Ben Harrison is now a state park, no camping yet but day use is okay for a fee of $4.00

enjoy I love Rving, you get to see so much more and meet great people too. Cost can be as effective as you make it, remember not to pay until you ask if there is something available for free , use the local chambers of commerce to find cheap camping everywhere you go inquire with them and the local visitors bureaus they have always helped me in my traveling find the best for the price or free. In Saulsilito CA we got info from the chamber about being able to park behind the local Bank one for free for 3 days while we toured San Fransico across the bridge and they even hooked us up with free bus passes to use.

hope you enjoy your travels, if you have more questions I can help with email me at anita.new@sbcglobal.net

Nov 09, 2012
Beware of Winter!
by: Anonymous

I'm no expert on RVing, but being from the Northeast, I must say that heading NORTH and NORTHWEST (Chicago) after November 1 is NOT for the FAINT OF HEART. Most areas north of Pennsylvania have already had two major snowstorms due to Hurricane Sandy and a big Nor'easter that blew through there earlier this week. While the road crews do their best, the last thing I would want to be driving in winter conditions is an RV -- especially if you are unfamiliar with driving one in fair weather conditions!

Last February, our good friends loaned us their 31' Winnebago and said "Just bring it back when you are done with it." We headed SOUTH from Maryland on February 3 and spent 16 glorious days visiting Charleston, SC; Savannah, GA; Daytona Beach, FL; Vero Beach, FL and then across the state to Naples, Venice, and Captiva Island. I did NOT want to come home!

My advice would be to WAIT until springtime to embark on this journey or change your travel plans to stay way SOUTH of the Mason-Dixon line!

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