RV Refrigerators?

RV Refrigerators?

by Marsha
(North Carolina)

OK, I'm definitely a novice here. But, have also been told there is no such thing as a DUMB question. SO here goes, I'm gonna expose my ignorance :)

Currently in search of a good used MH to begin our full-time journey, however; in the process I have come up to realize there is something I truly do not understand. THE RV FRIDGE :)

I understand it operates on electric or gas. So... knowing you cannot operate the generator in transit, nor should you have the propane in use during transit... so my ? is how do you keep thing in the fridge cool/frozen while in transit? Does this mean it switches over to the battery? Please help me understand.

I am sure if I was to purchase new, the dealer would help me understand. But cost constraints are not gonna allow this option.

Considering I'm looking for a very cheap older RV..I need to know as much as possible before I make a purchase.

I welcome all responses in regards to this question, or any other useful tidbits you experienced RVers may care to share.

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Nov 18, 2014
by: Stan

I will sell my 2004 40 foot alfa, great shape, new 120 volt fridge/freezer.
epochman7 ..at.. gmail.com

Feb 01, 2012
RV Refrigerators
by: Joe

It is perfectly legal and normal to run with the generator running, I do it all the time. I have found that cooling the RV using your House hold AC is easier than just trying to stay cool using the motor AC. I travel with pets and sometimes the Motor just doesn't produce enough cooling to keep the Pet's cool. The fridge, again there is nothing wrong with running on propane when on the road. When you enter tunnels they may ask you to turn it off, but other than that it's a normal way to operate. Matter of fact the fridge normally cools better on propane. Just make sure you are level if using the Propane in the fridge for extended periods.

Jan 30, 2012
Newby with an Idea
by: Anita

I know I have not been at this ling, but a trick from camping for years in a tent in the heat of Oklahoma, I learned about "dry ice" It works very well and I also use it in the RV fridge and have kept a block of Ice in the freezer for a week or more at a time and I use it in the bottom of fridge as well with a block of ice and it works too.

Jan 30, 2012
RV Fridge
by: Buckeye6977

I know you're not supposed to have propane on in transit, however that is how I keep our food cold and not spoiled. Tried the cooler trick, but when ice melts everything gets soggy. We have traveled from Ohio to Oregon, to Texas and on to Florida with no problems.

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