RV PVC Clothesline

RV PVC Clothesline

by Christopher Gregoire
(Ludlow, Ma)

I made this clothes line this year. We used to drive two poles into the ground and then anchor them with rope. I got tired of tightening the rope stretched between them. It comes apart for easy storage.

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Feb 19, 2015
by: Gary and Linda

Love your idea!!!

Aug 16, 2013
PVC clothes line
by: chris gregoire

The clothes line is supported by chain attatched to the two corners on the pvc coming from a post mounted on the hitch haul so when full it doesn't sag.

Aug 13, 2013
by: wil

Nice looking drying rig. What keeps it from racking when the lines are full and a breeze comes up?

Congrats on a nice modification to your rig.

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