RV Privacy Shade

RV Privacy Shade

by Ron

Slide in Awning Privacy Shade

Slide in Awning Privacy Shade

Which is preferred - slide in or hook on, to the awning for a privacy shade?

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Dec 12, 2009
RV Awning Shade
by: Sharon

Hi Ron,

Sorry it took a little while to get back to you on this. We had to do some research first.

You asked which RV awning shade for privacy is best the slide in type or the hook-on. We don't own a privacy shade, so this doesn't come from personal experience but here's what we have come up with.

You can see in the above photo the front of the awning shows a slide in privacy shade and the side arm has a hook over. The slide in has no gaps to let in light where the hook over doesn't seem to stay in place.

The privacy shades for RV patio awnings are great to block the glare of the sun or provide some patio privacy in parks where RVs are parked very close together.

Using a Carefree SunBlocker or SideBlocker can cut the suns rays by 85% keeping your coach cooler and more comfortable without blocking your view. If you use SideBlockers you can add all-around protection and daytime privacy to your RV awning.

Generally in the hook-on variety there is a front and rear opening of the awning. It is easy set up with the loop end fits over the small bracket by the awning rail while the other end secures to the roller tube. Stakes and cords hold your shade to the ground.

The slide-in variety slips quickly and easily into the open slot on most awning roller tubes.

We agree that the slide-on version is most likely more stable in winds and probably provides better sun and privacy barrier than the hook-on variety.

If anyone owns either of these types of Privacy RV Awning Shades, or has experience with this RV curtain hardware please add your comments to this topic.

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