Using an RV Patio Mat

Using an RV patio mat keeps the dirt from being dragged into your trailer. An outdoor patio mat made of vinyl easily rinses off with soap and water.

They are lightweight and use ground stakes to secure the corner grommets to the ground. Dirt and water filters through the vinyl keeping your patio free of debris. Many campgrounds are gravel without concrete parking areas.

It's easy to drag rocks and gravel into your RV. All-weather outdoor rubber mats are made of durable mildew resistant materials with rust resistant grommets and ground stakes adding style to your backyard decorating, deck, and campsite.

Reversible patio mats add a bit of elegance to your outdoor living area. These mats come in a variety of sizes, patterns and colors. The reversible mats with holiday or racing patterns are popular choices.

Most patio mats come with a carrying case for easy transport or storage. Some have UV protected finishes to resist fading and weathering. Others like Aero-Weave allow air and sunlight to pass through, so they won't kill the grass.

Outdoor rug mat - available from the following manufacturers: Carefree Awning Mats and Camping Mats, Camco RV Reversible Awning Mats, Prest-o-fit, Aero-Weave, Reversible Patio Mats(TM).

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