RV Parks in the US

Over 17,000 RV parks in the US welcome temporary or long-term visitors throughout the year. Every park is different, each with its own charm and unique features, such as operating year round or opening just during certain seasons.

Some parks accommodate big campers and towed vehicles while others only have room for smaller vehicles and tents. Parks vary in amenities, special events, sporting activities, rates and even the type of hookups they offer.

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RV Parks in America

America's RV parks provide travelers with incomparable experiences, memories to last a lifetime and a variety of things to do no matter what your interests. From the Alaskan mountains to the golden shores of Florida and the fisheries of Maine, RV parks are everywhere so you can go wherever your heart desires. Among the RV parks in the US, you might find one that accommodates fellow seniors, skiers, golfers, hikers or fisherman, as well as nature lovers, boaters and snowbirds.

List of States RV Parks

Each of the RV parks in the US has something special to offer so what is best for you might not be right for someone else as everyone has their own individual interests. For example, most northerners, called snowbirds, travel south for the winter to escape the harsh weather and live a more comfortable life style during this time. Some snowbirds enjoy the east coast beaches of Florida while others prefer the warm deserts of Texas, not because one RV park is better than the other but because it is a matter of personal preference.

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  • AL - In Alabama, the Parnell Creek RV Park is ideal for flea market shoppers, cowboys, garden lovers, boaters or anglers

  • AK - Across the country in Alaska, the Log Cabin Resort and RV is a hunters paradise

  • AZ - Back in the heat of Arizona, you might enjoy being close to the casinos while staying at the Moon River RV Resort

  • AR - Travel a little further east to Arkansas to embark on a horseback ride in the mountains at the Mulberry Mountain Campground.

  • CA - Teach your kids how to fish or swim in the river at Trinity River RV Lodge in California

  • CO - Take ski lessons in Colorado while staying at the Ski Town Koa Kampgrounds

  • CT - You can pet stingrays and starfish at the aquarium nearby Seaport Campground in Connecticut

  • DE - Play tennis in Delaware at Bellevue State Park

  • FL - If you just want to sit by the water and sunbath or take in the view, lay out on the deck of Juniper Lake RV Campground in Florida

  • GA - Embark on a historical journey at the Savannah RV Resort in Georgia

  • ID - Although you can't visit Hawaii in an RV, you do have the opportunity to go to Idaho and go on over 60 rides at Silverwood Theme and RV Park

  • IL - If the purpose of your trip is simply to relax among nature, consider Green River Oaks Camping Resort in Illinois

  • IN - Sugar Creek Campground in Indiana is great for families

  • IA - If you enjoy all outdoor activities, Briggs Woods Park in Iowa may keep you busy with hiking, fishing, horseback rides, picnics and cycling

  • KS - Kansas might catch your eye if you want a taste of history or love automobiles when staying at Riverside Park along Route 66

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Other RV parks in the US that run along Route 66 include

  • OK - Twin Fountains RV Park in Oklahoma
  • MO - Jellystone Park Resort in Missouri
  • TX - Amarillo Ranch RV Park in Texas
  • NM - Empty Saddle RV Park of New Mexico

Looks Matter

One thing I learned the hard way, is that some RV parks are a bit snooty. I had a 20-year-old Winnebago motorhome, and a couple of times the RV park wouldn't let us stay because of the look of our rig.

However, that was the exception to the rule. The nice thing is that in some places you can still park for a few hours in the parking lot of Wal-Mart, some casinos and at truck stops.

You can find RV parks in the US in every state except Hawaii and many more exist than those already mentioned. From the Pacific Northwest, to the Rocky Mountains, from the Great Plains to the Gulf Coast, from the Midwest to New England, and from the East Coast to the West Coast, you will find plenty of RV parks, just waiting to welcome you to the area.

Whether you want to see the entire country, travel just for the winter or have one specific destination in mind, look into RVing as it is an experience you should have at least once in your lifetime.