RV Parks in Mesa Arizona

Finding the best RV parks in Mesa Arizona can be difficult, as you have dozens of RV parks available from which to choose. Mesa is a popular town for fulltime RVers, as well as seasonal RV owners, especially for those looking for a warm place to perch for the winter. As it is much smaller than Phoenix and Tucson, it’s easier to find a spot while still being within a day’s drive of the big cities. Its unique location in the middle of the Sonoran desert means lots of interesting sand-based sports are nearby, as well as hints of the Spanish colonial times in the buildings and the artifacts on sale.

Choosing the Right Park

Each of the parks in Mesa Arizona will give you a slightly different experience. As a general rule, the more you pay, the better quality of service you can expect. You can pay anywhere from $30 to $50 per day, although most have a weekly or monthly rate. Before making a decision, you will want to assess:

  • The right size berth – Some RV parks in Mesa Arizona will only cater to smaller RVs measuring less than 30 feet, while others will charge more for larger vehicles. You should be looking for one that charges a flat rate regardless of size, as the running costs of the smallest and largest RVs are about the same.
  • What is included – Things like trash collection, water and gas should be included in your rate if you are staying for less than a month. Most places will start to personalize your bills after that point so you need to compare prices if you’re there for the long haul. Some sites will provide you with free wi-fi Internet and a basic cable package as part of your payment, while others charge these as non-essential extras.
  • The location – While Mesa is not the biggest city, getting the right RV park location is important. Your choice of location will depend on why you are visiting Mesa. If you’re there for the desert, you should try to find a park on the outskirts of town, so you don’t have to travel far, while if you’re using the city as a tourist base for the rest of Arizona, you should find somewhere close to the major highways.

What You Can Expect

The best RV parks in Mesa Arizona offer a wide range of activities and amenities alongside the basic energy and pitch offer. It should feel like you’ve got access to all the features of a hotel while having all the comforts of home with you. The following are some of the best parks to try:

  • Mesa Spirit – This park focuses on their on-site entertainment and has a wide variety of outdoor activities for all ages, from bocce ball to a miniature golf course. They also have a wood-working shop, for those essential repairs and upgrades, which can be supplemented by access to their silversmith and ceramics experts.
  • Twin Palms – This is one of the RV parks in Mesa Arizona with the cheapest rates in town, providing a flat daily rate of $30 all season long. They provide a good package of amenities to your RV, but the rest of the park is fairly basic. The park has a few miles of paved paths to walk or cycle, and you can get a good view of the desert from certain areas.
  • Orangewood -This park is aimed at long-term visitors, and it offers a lot of interesting features, such as a lending library for long renters, two heated swimming pools and an on-site post office. The daily rate is around $50, but you can get better deals here if you’re planning on visiting Mesa for a longer visit.

Fun in Mesa

If you are looking for an active and warm place to winter, you might want to check out Mesa. The wide-range of RV parks ensures you will find something in your price range that puts you within easy reach of Phoneix.

Whatever you do, make sure you get out and enjoy the Superstition Mountains, the flea markets in Apache Junction and the Goldfield Ghost Town. Afterall, you are in the last bastion of the Old West, so you might as well get in the spirit and belly up to bar in one of the authentic saloons.

Most of the RV parks in Mesa Arizona have good websites outlining what you can expect to find at their parks. They will also offer a discount to people who book in advance and on-line, so it’s worth looking on the internet first before you arrive.