RV Parks In Las Vegas

The rising costs of hotel rooms make RV parks in Las Vegas an increasingly viable option when you’re looking for accommodation in the city. Las Vegas is a unique city, situated in the middle of the desert, and most of the town is geared towards the gambling industry on the Strip. This is what attracts the most visitors to the city, and using an RV park can be a great way to save yourself some money, as well as seeing the rest of the Las Vegas sights.

Where to Stay

Nearly all of the parks in Las Vegas will offer you a basic package of water, energy, free Internet and waste disposal. The prices range from $25 to $60 for the daily rate, depending on what season you are visiting. The prices also vary depending on the quality of services provided by the RV parks in Las Vegas. Some of the best in terms of luxury and value for money include:

  • Sam’s Town – This RV park forms part of a hotel and all RV owners have complete access to the bars, restaurants and entertainment provided. Specific swimming pools are set aside for the RV park, as well as facilities for pets, which not all RV parks offer.
  • Las Vegas Motorcoach Resort – With over 400 spaces, this RV park offers a large communal clubhouse for guests to meet and mingle. It also incorporates a large exercise room with whirlpool tubs and a tanning pool. The staff is on call 24 hours a day and can organize good rates for local excursions.
  • Oasis – This site charges the most for its spaces, but it is a two minute walk to the Strip so you are paying for the proximity. It also offers interesting features like an 18-hole putting golf course and a beachfront swimming pool.

RV parks in Las Vegas offer close proximity to attractions, while providing the comforts and privacy of your recreational vehicle.

Sam's Town is Fun

Several years ago, my husband and I spent several weeks in Las Vegas. One of our favorite places to park, for free, was in the Sam's Town RV parking lot. There weren't any services, and you weren't allowed to unhook your tow vehicles, but it was quiet, safe and they had a place to walk dogs.

One feature of the casino that we really enjoyed was the Mystic Falls' Sunset Serenade. It starts with the howl of a wolf, and as you look around trying to figure out where it's coming from, you spot a wolf perched on the edge of a cliff. Thus starts the fabulous laser light and music show that tells the story of the West.

What to See and Do

The central boulevard in Las Vegas could keep you entertained for days on end. The casinos alone are worth visiting for their splendor and outrageous designs. Each of the hotels has its own unique theme and many offer shows and entertainment to visitors who aren’t staying in the hotel. However, part of the attraction of RV parks in Las Vegas is that they give you a different view of the city. Places to visit include:

  • Check out Death Valley by plane – Death Valley has some of the hottest temperatures recorded in the lower 48 and also has the claim to fame of being 280 meters below sea level. You can’t really get a sense for the desert by road, and a plane ride will give you the whole picture as well as a unique aerial view of Las Vegas.
  • Find an old Western town – Around 20 minutes west of Las Vegas lies the tourist town of Bonnie Springs. The town has been re-created to look like an old Western settlement, complete with sandy roads, a saloon with kick open doors and the opportunity to have shoot-outs with your family and friends.
  • Hike Mt. Charleston – Mt. Charleston is the highest point for miles around, standing over 11,000 feet above sea level. The national park surrounding the mountain offers miles upon miles of well marked hiking trails and provides some great respite from the hustle and bustle of the big city.

All of the better RV parks in Las Vegas have a website where you can browse pictures, features and prices. However, it is worth trying to find independent reviews of any parks in which you are interested so that you get an idea of what to expect on arrival. Once you have made your choice, try booking online first to see if you can get a cheaper price.