RV Furnishings

Flexsteel RV furnishings are contemporary and comfortable. At Flexsteel you can find convertible RV couches with pull out drawers and hidden sleep units.

Currently being offered is the Easy Bed, the Convertible Sofa Sleeper, among others. Air mattresses are being used in newer RV couches. These new mattresses inflate quickly, are lightweight and comfortable.

RV Furnishings

The company also offers RV recliners and RV chairs. Flexsteel recliners are designed for comfort and durability with the Six-Way Power Systems it adjusts your Class A motor home seat 6 ways – up and down, forward and backward. You can choose from swivel or non-swivel seats.

Padded captainsÂ’ chairs provide extra comfort when driving long distances. Bucket seats, and passenger seats are with extra wide seats and power activated footrests are also available.

RV recliners with adjustable headrests, padded arms, and space saving features are available from Flexsteel in a wide range of colors and patterns.

Be sure to measure your available space before you go shopping for RV chairs or furniture.

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