Repair RV Cabinets

If your RV cabinets have missing and broken hardware, we have some repair or replacement solutions for you.

Replacing old hardware can make a big difference in the look and functionality of your cabinetry. Simple replacements are easy to do, but add so much to the finished result.

Our fifth-wheel is only two years old, but the hardware isn't holding up and we've had to replace some of the plastic parts.

One of the best suppliers we've found especially if you want to use original equipment replacement hardware is BRD Supply. They sell replacement parts online or through distributors. Here's a short list of the many items you can find from BRD Supply:

RV Cabinets
  • Adjustable Overhead Hinges
  • Bead Catch 
  • Brass Surface
  • Bolts Bulldog Catch
  • Bunk Latch
  • Butterfly Surface Catch
  • Cabinet Door Knobs
  • Cabinet Door Pulls
  • Concealed Catch
  • Door Stops
  • Double Roller Friction Catch
  • Foot Bolts
  • Free Swinging Hinges
  • Keyless Bath Door Lock
  • Lid and Door Supports
  • Locking Tent Camper Latches
  • Magnetic Catch
  • Metal Positive Door Catch
  • Mini Door Struts
  • Mirror Door Guides
  • Mirror Door Rollers
  • Non-Locking Tent Camper Latches
  • Non-Mortice Butt Hinges
  • Piano Hinges
  • Plastic Mirror Door Locks
  • Plastic Positive Catch
  • Plastic Privacy Latch
  • Pocket Door Locks
  • Pocket Door Repair Kits
  • Pocket Door Rollers
  • Recessed Tie Down
  • Screen Door Latch
  • Screen Door Locking Latch
  • Self Closing Hinges
  • Shelf Clips
  • Side Mount Magnetic Catch
  • Single Roller Catch
  • Small Overhead Hinges
  • Southco Push Latch
  • Tent Camper Latch Hooks
  • Tulip Bath Latch

BRD Supply offers a large variety of replacement hardware for repairs. Check their website for a complete list and photographs or order their RV parts catalogs. You can purchase parts online or find a distributor located in your area.

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