RV Awnings Damaged in Storm

RV Awnings Damaged in Storm

by Sharon
(Houston TX)

Damaged RV Awning

Damaged RV Awning

We are currently in Houston Texas. Where high wind storms are expected during hurricane season. This storm blew in and in a matter of a few minutes had ripped through the RV Park leaving dozens of trailers with damaged awnings. The winds were up to 60 miles per hour.

The folks who had their RV awnings out didn't have a chance to put them back in since the storm came in so fast.

Others who had theirs anchored to the ground with those Happy Hook Awning Tie-Down System that burrow into the soil or that are used as a pet tie-out stake - those can hold your awning down, but they secure the awning tight and don't allow for super high winds that will whip it about.

The only folks who had an awning out that survived the storm were using the Power Hook Awning Tensioner (tension springs) so their awnings had some give as the wind and rain was whipping and pounding on it.

This storm was strong enough to bring down a couple of trees in the RV Park, but those using these tension springs survived...amazing!

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Mar 22, 2016
Product for Wind protection of awnings
by: Anonymous

There is a new product that protects power awnings better than the Happy hooker. Unlike the Happy hooker, they provide security in all directions - up, down and twisting motion. They are adjustable poles that fasten securely to the awning side rails and to either the ground or to a wooden deck. They are a little more expensive than the Happy Hooker but provide much more security for your expensive awning. A company in Ohio sells them. For more information, call 330-360-2779.

Jan 25, 2011
Awning Damaged in Kansas
by: DanT.

We was camping in Kansas, and big storm blew in overnight and the winds was so strong it picked us up a little then snapped the main spring section in half. I highly recommend after this to put awning up overnight...

Sep 25, 2010
RV Awning Damage
by: BEB

Has anyone else had damage to their awnings while on the road? We were traveling from Oklahoma to Texas and the winds tore our awning cover off. The rail that held the awning on was pulled away from the coach also. Would like to hear from anyone else who has had this kind of damage.

Jun 22, 2009
Thanks for the RV Awning Tip
by: Sherry

I'll have to get some of those tension spring tie downs instead of the corkscrew ones we have been using.

We get a lot of wind and I am always afraid to have our awning extended for fear of losing it like this poor Rver did.

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