See Route 66 from Your RV

Are You a Full-time RV'er? Take an Extended Trip on Route 66

If you are a full-time RV'er, you have plenty of time to travel all across North America and Mexico. Since you have so much time on your hands, and the means to travel just about anywhere you want, why not take an extended trip, and enjoy the sights along the famous Route 66? This can be a really fun and exciting vacation, and, you will get to see all kinds of history, and take in some of the great things has to offer, such as family-owned roadside inns, loads of great restaurants, and all kinds of interesting sites to see.

About Route 66

Before today's highways that take us around small American towns were built, there was Route 66, a highway that took motorists across the western United States. Because Route 66, also referred to as the "Mother Road", was the main highway to travel on in this part of the U.S., many small businesses sprang up all along the stretch of highway that is now more of a tourist attraction than a normal route of regular travel.

Historic Route 66

Everywhere along the highway, motorists could find everything they needed for their travels, from comfortable lodging to diners to service stations and garages, so motorists never had to be stranded anywhere along the route. There was always something for everyone to see and do and traveling along Route 66 was always an adventure that has been memorialized in literature and song.

Things to See and Do Along Route 66

As you travel along the historic Route 66 in your RV, you will find all kinds of things to see and do. Many museums can be round in the towns along the route, including the historic Odell Standard Oil Gasoline Station, the Illinois State Museum, the National Museum of Transportation and the St. Louis Car Museum. Other museums that full-time RV'ers will not want to miss on their Route 66 road trip include:

  • National Route 66 Museum

  • Oklahoma Route 66 Museum

  • Devil's Rope Museum/Texas Route 66 Exhibit

  • Route 66 Auto Museum

  • Powerhouse Route 66 Museum & Visitor Center

  • California Route 66 Museum

  • Route 66 Mother Road Museum

In addition to museums, there are all kinds of fun things you will want to do when you take your RV along Route 66. Visit some really cool ghost towns in seven states, and learn about the spirits who haunt these locations. There are loads of souvenir shops that dot Route 66, where you will find all kinds of unique items, many made by local craftspeople. Don't forget to check out some of the really great family-owned diners, where you will find some of the finest home-cooked meals in the country.

Route 66 was once a bustling thoroughfare that led travelers across eight states and three time zones. Today, it is not the busy thoroughfare it once was, but it is still an American icon, and one that should be seen at least once by everyone who travels the country in an RV.