Rent or Buy

Rent or Buy

by Bobbie Walker

I am interested in traveling during the summer months only. I am considering a small motorhome because I have a large 50 lb dog and do not feel he will be welcome in motels. I am 73 years old, female and will probably be traveling with a female friend. Would it be more economical to rent or buy. I son/dgtr in law could use the motorhome also.

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Dec 08, 2010
Thanks for your comments.
by: Bobbie

Thanks so much for all your comments. I plan to buy - since I am single and 73 year old. I need to make sure that I can set it up and all that. I only want one that is no more than 21' long because it basically would be for two people and animals.

Dec 08, 2010
It's a Buyers Market - Now
by: RVDigitalBoy

If you had suggested in your question that you would be traveling just one time for a week or two then renting a "Class C" motorhome would be my recommendation. Google "cruiseamerica" and El Monte RV" for rental comparisons.

However, you also stated that your kids could make use of the coach as well. In that case, I suggest you look for a USED Class C or Class A (looks more like a bus). Google "used RVs" or visit sites like

The Great Recession has softened the motorhome market over the past two years. There are dealers selling new, warrantied motorhomes on thin margins. Likewise, used RV prices have fallen.

(WARNING: private sellers may demand higher prices as they tend to over-value their RVs.)Refer to for pricing comparisons.

Have you talked with your kids about joint ownership of an RV? Joint ownership - and responsibility - could be a good thing.

Lew Mann
J.D. Sanders RV Center
Alachua, FL

Dec 07, 2010
Buy or rRnt
by: Julia

BUY, too hard to rent an RV having a dog.

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