Recent 5th wheel vs motorhome comparisons

Recent 5th wheel vs motorhome comparisons

by Carolyn

I've seen old posts but how about something from more recent times. We've compared 2013 5th wheels, motorhomes and 5th wheel toy haulers. Any thoughts from folks that have newer stuff - like 2010 and newer thoughts/advise.

We are looking to switch from city dwellers to full-timers in approx. a couple yrs so we are just starting to do out homework.
Brands of each pros and cons.

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Nov 05, 2013
Motorhome vs 5th wheel
by: Anonymous

The first comparison most want to make is the fact that a motorhome roles two into one. Meaning your home and a motor, which means if you have issues with your MH motor you are sort of dead in the water. A fifth wheel like comparison is that you still have your home if the truck goes down. If you chose a motorhome you most likely will also have a vehicle in tow as well. Soooooo, don't really understand that comparison.

Secondly, the obvious differences are the conveniences and self containment of a motorhome. An example is boondocking is very simple with a motorhome. A fifth wheel generally does not have a generator and also does not have access to the amenities without leaving the tow vehicle and entering the fifth wheel.

Thirdly, the decision would have to be made about what type of camping / living are you planning. Meaning how much traveling are you planning on. And while you are in one place for a long period, are you ok with driving your tow vehicle (a large truck) on your everyday / local driving.

This is just my opinion......... and everyone has one. Hope this helps some with a decision.

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