Real Freedom

Real Freedom

by Larry and Nancy
(Terrell, Texas)

Back in the Summer of 2009, My wife dragged me to one of the largest RV Dealers in the Dallas area. I wasn't sold on the idea of giving up the house and all our "stuff". After all when you've been married for over Thirty Years, you have quite a collection of "stuff". Boy was I surprised how nice the 5th Wheels are.

And after spending all day looking at probably 50 different models I was sold. She had her heart set on the Bighorn 3385 and that was perfectly fine with me. Living room with computer desk (for me) and a rather nice kitchen area with seating for up to 5 people at the table. There is a step-up to the bathroom and then on to the bedroom with a queen size bed and also a washer-dryer in the closet. I knew I could do this, and after all, it gave us a chance to pass some "stuff" down to our four grown kids and their spouses.

We put our home up for sale in September, really thinking it wouldn't probably sell till the following year. Then three weeks after listing our home, it sold and the buyer had to be in our home within three weeks. Hello "Garage Sales". The next three weekends we had a garage sale. What the kids didn't want, we sold. I saw some of my neighbors for the first time in over 5 years.

We purchased our RV and I found a deal on a nice Chevy dually. I pulled the rig down the road 5 miles to a great RV Park and that is where we are today. Oh, what about the traveling? Well, somewhere between selling the house and buying the RV, my wife had "an offer she couldn't refuse". A promotion came her way. So, we agreed that we would give it another two years or so and then hit the road. And that is fine by me. I have learned that I really didn't need that "stuff" after-all. Less is better. Life is a whole lot simpler for us now. And we are spending $1800 a month less than when we had our stick house. I know most everyone in the park, and they are all terrific people. Good down to earth people, just like us. And that sense of Freedom that comes from full timing is "real".

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