Pursuing RVing Passion and Profit!

Pursuing RVing Passion and Profit!

by Susan Briggs
(Lincoln, Nebraska USA)

Solar ID

Solar ID

Our plan is to travel the country and sell Solar ID™, personalized RV signs, and other unique RV accessories and gifts at rallies and shows. We developed Solar ID from our experiences of being RVers for more than 35 years. While we sell them now on our web site - www.uniquelyrv.com - it’s more fun meeting and visiting with fellow RVer’s in person.

We started a few years ago with the thought that when we both retired from our “regular” jobs, we could transition seamlessly into this new lifestyle that would combine RV travel with a business. Joe retired from his job in January 2008; I still have a little while to go. But we continue to build our business with that goal in mind.

So, if you see us at a rally in our blue shirts demonstrating Solar ID, be sure to stop and say “Hi!” Also, follow me on Twitter – UniquelyRV – and let me know you read about it here. : )

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Aug 03, 2009
Thank you, Jes!
by: Susan

Thank you! Yes, we invented and designed the Solar ID signpost after RVing for 30+ years. We knew what we would like and worked on it to improve the convenience, portability, etc. It looks great, but to me the best thing about it is that it is portable, collapsible, and easy to store in a small space. Kind of hard to describe it here, but if you will check out the demonstration video on our website - www.uniquelyrv.com - you will see what I mean.

Thanks again for the nice comments. We sell Solar ID on our website, and we are also starting to travel to rallies to sell them as vendors.

Aug 02, 2009
Nice RV Solar Light
by: Jes

Is this your own design?

Jun 19, 2009
Great RV Solar Product!
by: Sharon

I love your RV Solar Light! It's very unique, and the fact that it folds down and packs away is a really nice feature.

We wish you much success in your plans for Full Time RVing of Traveling and Making Money! Sounds like a wonderful way to retire.

I hope we get to see you and your RV products at an RV Rally or RV Show someday!

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