Preparing To Live Full Time On The Road

Preparing To Live Full Time On The Road

by Mary
(Gettysburg, PA)

Our dream of living Full Time, on the road in a motorhome has come to pass as the years of preparation have clicked down to the final weeks. Over the years we've always owned our homes. As our kids grew up and started living lives of their own we felt the time was approaching to begin our first downsize in preparation for the plunge into the lifestyle we had been dreaming about since we began camping in a pop-up camper many years ago. We decided to sell our big house on the hill where we raised our kids and moved several miles back the road where we built a smaller home just large enough for us and our remaining three children. Circumstances beyond our control, my husband's stroke and the elimination of his job, forced us to sell this home a year in advance of our projected plan. It was all good though as we then sold our travel trailer we had for the years our kids were camping with us and bought our motorhome. We located and rented a farmhouse for the next two years and we began the two year adventure into selling anything that didn't fit into our new lifestyle. The rule of thumb was, if I can't take it in a motorhome I didn't want it at all. If I couldn't sell it at a consignment shop or the auction, I put it in a garage sale. Everything else either got sold on craigslist, given away or was put out for the trash man to discover his treasure in another mans trash.

Two years quickly passed, the winters were bitter and after each one we were more certain we didn't want to be in Pennsylvania for many more. When our third daughter married and only two adult children remained residing with us we made the decision to move them into an even smaller home that they could share. We spent the first year getting them settled and on their feet in their own home and set the date of our departure from a stick home to our home on wheels. We left on May 18th in the year 2009, spent the first six months in Gettysburg, PA in our home park, Travel Resorts of America's Gettysburg Battlefield Resort. We traveled home every two weeks until November when we spent our first Thanksgiving away from home.

Over the years we accumulated several memberships to camping organizations that offer us discounts on campgrounds across the country. Coast to Coast, AOR, Passport America and most recently we were offered a Thousand Trails membership at a price we couldn't refuse. These memberships enabled us this past summer to travel across the country and back, spending less than $17.00 a night for our campgrounds, visiting friends and family along the way.

This year we welcome another grandchild early in January, then we plan to travel the east coast visiting all the Thousand Trails Reserves from Maine to Florida. We are most excited these days to have the opportunity to stay FREE at our Thousand Trail Reserves as we explore another portion of our beautiful Unites States.

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Feb 18, 2011
Planning to be on the road Fall 2011...
by: Lin in Ohio for now...

One of the most important things I'm doing is the research on what kind of rv motorhome to buy...My husband and I hope to be on the road by Oct 2011...

We've downsized from a large home to a small 2 bd apt...The 2nd bedroom is for storage, sorting and packing for the rv...We moved in a hurry because we had an offer on our home and needed to move before the winter weather arrived...

We will sell some things but we're giving 'stuff' away...My mother often says...'If it isn't adding to your life then it is detracting from it'...It is joyful to give things away...Basically we will store a very few very small family pieces...The bigger pieces are gone or are spoken for...I hope to downsize our kitchen cupboards and clothes closets to try living the 'RV' way by Sep...

We have family and friends all over the country...I have a letter ready to go out so they know we'll want to see them sometime in our travels but we won't be staying with them and we will adapt to their schedule as our time is ours to do what we want with...I understand from reading about other fulltimers that sometimes they are invited to sleep in someones' guest room in a real bed...Who we are visiting will be given to understand that we will have our real bed with us...

Other than going west to see mother 2011 and then east to my high school reunion 2012 we have no plans...

I'm using others experiences and lists to go by when I find them...I have an e-mail just for rving and rving help...

Oct 08, 2010
I enjoyed reading your comment here.
by: Kim

As for me, I have to have my big yard sale, even some of the furniture I am giving away free, all they need is slip covers for the cats scratching on them. I will be a loner with pets. I hope to get a Coachmen Freelander 32BH. It has a bunk bed area. I will use the bottom for my dog, who is afraid of the 2 cats, lol. and the above cab area for the cats. I will let them all go anywhere inside that they want to. Any ways, I dont even have my house on the market credit is so bad, I am going to probably have to pay 100% cash for the RV. I personally think I will make enough from the selling of my house to swing this. But you never know with this economy. I just want to pay cash for my RV and get rid of the meanies at

Oct 08, 2010
by: Mary

How exciting for you guys. I remember when we first decided that one day we were going to full time. I bought every Full Time book on the market. I couldn't learn enough about it. I would say in 10 years. Then it was 8 years then 5...3...1 When we finally set the date for May 18th 2009 I made my first reservation and when we got to the campground it rained the entire 14 days in the park. You know what, we didn't even care :) We stayed in our pajama's all day, watched TV, surfed the web. Finally, the rain could no longer ruin our 'vacation'. What an awesome feeling. Now we love the rain, walk in the rain, visit wineries and museums in the rain. Go shopping in the rain. We're not on vacation anymore. It's our life...

Oct 06, 2010
by: Cyndi

Your blog is so inspirational........we too are making our plans and I have been doing research for the last month with many months to come. Thank you for your words of wisdom. Come and visit if you like.

Thank you again.

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