Planning on Full-Time Trailer Living

Planning on Full-Time Trailer Living

I am doing research on full-time trailer living and want to reach out for suggestions in two areas. One, the type of trailer considering that I do not drive and will have to have it hauled every time I want to move every 6 months or so. The other is the list of issues to be considered (with them the solutions).

Here's a chance for those with the expertise to give a newbie a hand.



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Feb 16, 2013
by: Dee

So you don't drive, no problem, you won't even have to buy a truck, just pay a trucking company that specializes in campers. There are many to choose from. Their drivers are CDL certified. Nation wide with insurance too. On choosing an RV, it all depends on you. If your going to live fulltime by yourself, a small trailer may suffice. If you want opulance go for coach class A motorhome. My husband and I live fulltime in a 27 ft. travel trailer. We love not having a lot of stuff to deal with, the bills have shrunk considerably, and we get more time to do the things we love and dream of doing year round. I work as a nurse and he is retired.

Dec 16, 2012
The making of a home.
by: Fiver FullTimer

You should listen to no one but the voices in your head for size. I am 6'5" and needed something a little larger to make me feel comfortable. The test for me is can I stretch (while standing) in the morning without hitting the ceiling? This may sound silly but that is what makes it a home. What is important to you? Then consider size, storage, four seasons, etc. to meet that need and your desires instead of the other way around. There are so many different models today that you really don't have to settle.

Jul 31, 2012
Lots of choices out there!
by: Cowgirl Kathi

Just read your post on your upcoming full time trailer living adventure. You say you don't drive, but are going to buy a travel trailer. Does that mean you will also be buying a truck? I hope so!

If money is no object, I would recommend a 5th wheel trailer. They are sooo luxurious, have high ceilings and I love the "upstairs" bedroom and bathroom. Some of them even have CENTRAL VACUUM which I think is very cool.

If you are NOT buying a truck to haul it with, then I would probably recommend that you stay with a bumper hitch because unless it's overly huge, most can be towed with a 3/4 ton truck. A 5th wheel trailer requires a much heavier towing vehicle and depending on how far you want to move it each time, a lot of people recommend a "dually" for towing stability. Now you're talking some serious money for a truck -- in addition to the trailer.

I personally like the Airstream travel trailers. They have an excellent reputation and have been around for years. Sturdy, good towing stability and well insulated. Plus, the shiny aluminum outer shell reflects light and heat most efficiently. The rounded shape also sheds rain water - which ought to keep the roof in better shape for longer than trailers with a flat, square roof.

This is all based on my research and talking to people who have owned travel trailers for a long time. I still haven't sold my farm (keeping my fingers crossed) but will be ready to get out there and do some serious looking just as soon as that happens. I hear there are a ton of really good slightly used travel trailers all over the country, but Okeechobee, FL seems to have the most.

Good luck with this! I would be interested in hearing what you decide on.

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