Physical Address

Physical Address

by Ken
(New Jersey)

My question is how can I have a physical address in the state that I work in, while living full in an RV?

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Jul 04, 2011
Legal Address for State Residency
by: c by the c

I had this dilemma when I moved overseas for a year and needed to resolve a legal physical address problem.

The solution was offered by an acquaintance who was fulltiming in their RV.

Some States will allow you to get a new drivers license (ask at DMV) that identifies you as a "continuous traveler".

A USPS postal box is not a legal address for residency requirement.

You will want a private mail box at a trusted
mailing center in the town listed as residency on
your drivers license.

You use this mailing centers physical address along with your PMB (private mail box) Number,
as your address on the license.

This is acceptable in the State of Oregon, where I live and remains my legal address of residency, as I am living fulltime now, since my travels brought me back to the U.S.

Hope this helps,

c by the c

Feb 03, 2011
Mail Service
by: ToeTipper

You said you work in that state. Here's a couple of ways.

1. USPS Post Office Box. Get a large PO Box that can hold all your mail until you can stop by to pick it up.

2. Commercial Mail Service like a UPS Store. Again it's like opening a PO Box but their address appears more like a street address. They also offer Mail Alert to let you know when you have mail or packages and can forward your mail to wherever you happen to be, for a small fee.

3. Sign up with Escapees Club. They'll hold your mail and forward it to wherever you are, for a small fee.

4. Make a deal with someone you know. Use their address and they'll hold your mail for you. Bring them seasonal fruit and chocolates as payment. Souvenir shotglass. Snowglobe. You get the idea.

Oct 08, 2010
Physical Address
by: Mary

I believe your physical address needs to be a mailing address in the state your vehicle/drivers license is registered. Our home state is Pennsylvania where our son lives. His address is our mailing address and once a month or so he priority ships us our mail to the campground we're in at the time. It's not much mail because all our bills are paperless, paid online and all our magazines now come as an e-zine. We vote absentee and have yet to experience a jury duty summons. Not sure what we'll do with that when it happens as we are not in PA very often :/

Oct 02, 2010
by: Julia

Did you get an answer to that question? I was looking for the answer.

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