Pet Friendly RV Parks

Pet Friendly RV Parks

by Sharon
(Mesa, AZ)

RVing with Pets

RVing with Pets

RVers enjoy traveling with their furry companions in pet friendly RV parks. Most pet owners are considerate of their fellow campers, but occasionally we run across a pet owner who is behaving badly.

We recently checked into a RV park in Mesa Arizona. It looked like a great camp spot with several trees and a little privacy on one side. We were just settling up when the neighbor started towards us. Expecting a friendly greeting which is a common socialize activity in most parks, imagine our surprise as the neighbor informed us that we had just setup camp in his dogs favorite urination spot. The park had a designated dog run, but it is all the way on the other end of the park. Owners are expected to walk their pet to the area and cleanup after them. Seems like common courtesy, but this particular owner thought he should be able to let his dog relieve itself in our camp area.

What a shame that this little pup who is an otherwise well mannered dog who doesn't bark, and isn't aggressive would have an owner with such inconsiderate behavior. We notified the management of the situation and encountered a backlash of negativity from our new neighbor.

Now instead of the prefect camp site we receive uncomfortable stares when we're outside, and whispers from the other side of trailer. The park won't offer any refund, so we either forfeit a months rent or we're stuck here. Like they say there are no bag dogs, only bad owners.

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May 26, 2013
Rving with pets
by: Traveling Ladies of America

Sprinkle down red pepper flakes. Get this guy thrown out of this park since he will not comply with the rules of being a pet owner!

Jan 20, 2010
Customer Service
by: Carol Ann Quibell

It is extremely unfortunate that your neighbors are so inconsiderate. However, I don't think the management is handling it very well. They have an obligation to ensure your neighbors are following the rules. Why should you or anyone else have to leave because of their problem? You have done nothing wrong and should hold your head up.

Jan 20, 2010
RV Traveling with Pets
by: Sharon

Update...Management sent a letter to the neighbors asking them to please follow the pet policy and take their furry loved one to the dog walk for his business.

We went out of town for a couple of days and returned during the night. Apparently not realizing that we had returned we watched the neighbor bring his pup to our campsite for his business again.

We are shocked at the behavior of this guy, and have never encounter this kind of disrespect with a pet owner before.

So, what should we do? Throw away $500 in rent and move or inform management that the initial letter has had no impact on his behavior.

Considering that this guy intends to stay at this park for an indeterminate amount of time we figured the next poor RVer who chooses this campsite would encounter the same we decided to inform management again.

Management said they would send a second letter to him. We did learn from management that the last person to rent our spot had rented it for a month and pulled out after a week...we think we know why he did that.

Add your comments...what do you think we should do or could do?

We thought about sprinkling black pepper in the area, so the little dog wouldn't like to go there. Another camper in this park said throw down some bleach! We don't want to hurt the dog, but just deter him from the area since his owner won't comply.

Any suggestions?

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