Off The Grid Wifi Setup

Off The Grid Wifi Setup

by Andrea
(Traveling the USA)

Whether you're into blogging or just and avid user of the internet, the thought of living without any wifi is quite frightening. Luckily we found a great solution to help us out on the road!

We came across what is called a Long Range Wifi Repeater Kit made by JefaTech especially for RV's! The setup consists of a router/repeater and an antenna, that's it. The set up was extremely easy as well. We had the whole thing up and running in less than 5 minuets.

How does it work?
A local Wifi connection must be available near by. With this antenna you can pick up free local wifi from up to a mile away which is great when staying over night in the city at a Walmart or even in campgrounds where the connection is poor. The antenna pulls in the signal then repeats it back out through the repeater to all of your devices. You connect to the router just like you would normally and you can even put a password on it so others near by cannot hop on your repeated signal. For only around $150 this is quite a deal.

See our setup at!

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