Nomads and Gypsies

Nomads and Gypsies

by Robert W Gilccrease
(Corpus Christi, Texas USA)

We sold the old Permafrost Ranch in North Pole, and left Alaska after 35 years, towing a U-Hall Trailer. It was a hard decision letting go of what we had known for so many years. The little Red Squirrels would be missed sorely along with the life we led there.

Nine days and 4300 miles later we arrived in Arlington Texas, stored the stuff we had dragged down from the North and started looking for a RV. Picked one up in Burleson, Texas A nice new fifth wheel.

Now we are Nomads and Gypsies, following the geese looking for Nuts and Squirrels all across the country. At the moment we are anchored down in Corpus Christi, Texas. Down by the sea, We are still so new at this we still shine, but the changes are good.

Even though we are newbies, we are learning quickly and hopefully we won't have to learn things the hard way, although I'm sure we will have many trials and tribulations along the way. Mostly little things have caused us problems but I'm beginning to like this life of being a nomad. Your all welcome to follow along with the adventure on our web page:

If you haven't seen it before now, take a look an your welcome to comment, give advice or just say hi.

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Nov 18, 2009
by: HighPlainsCamping

You're going to love your new life. Just remember to enjoy the entire journey! Oh, and remember to smell the roses. Never be afraid to ask for help. And finally ... never forget what snow is, even if you never see it again.

Nov 18, 2009
Thanks for Sharing and Welcome Aboard
by: Sharon

You won't feel like newbies for long. Once the initial anxiety of unloading a lifetime of stuff passes the adventure begins!

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