NEWBIE on the Loose

NEWBIE on the Loose

by Anne

I left my "before" life on December 2nd, 2011 with my truck and camper, my fabric for quilting and of course, Lucy, my cat.

I hadn't slept for 26 hours, was still crying, upset and now getting angry, but I knew it was OVER. I also knew that I had to get to a safe place where I could sleep, and then have time to think about what happens next.

Here it is, almost 4 months later, and I am so happy living full time in my camper and ready to start exploring what is waiting for me to find. I've found a couple of clubs on line, but I want to find a club that has FULL Time RVers that wander here and there together. Does anyone know of a club like that??? If so, email me.

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