Newbie here questions on propane verses electric heat

Newbie here questions on propane verses electric heat

by Deb

Hi there I am fairly new here to this lifestyle. I bought an older trailer in July and when it needed repairs went to an RV dealer and ended up buying a fifth wheel.

I am in a camp ground not traveling and am stationary. As it just started to get cold I have run into some issue with heat. I did end up buying two small electric heaters and I also have a fireplace that puts out heat.

I am in a 38.5 ft and am wondering how long should a tank of propane last? These are the a bit larger tanks than say on a grill not sure of the size. I have barely used the trailers heater and have gone through a tank in a week? I have only used the stove once this week. I was having the same issue last week and with a service call found the lines were leaking. He replaced the pig tails and tightened up loose fittings but this still doesn't seem right can anyone give me some input?

It isn't even cold yet. My plan is to get the huge tank the pig I guess they call it but wow really go through this much propane? I usually just turn on heat enough to get chill off as I am running the elec all night. HELP please!!!

Deb in Illinois

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