New Genesis

New Genesis

by Rovin' Bones

10/29/2016 – Rovin’ Bones

Today marks a New Genesis in my life. After more than 2 years of research, reading, planning, and dreaming I have accomplished Phase 1 of my “Master Plan”. Today I picked up a 1983 Midas Freeport Motorhome. She’s 24’ with a Chevy 350 power plant mated to a TH400 transmission on a GM G30 1-ton chassis. The odometer reads 76,000 miles. It runs and drives beautifully. This little unit is equipped with an Onan 4.0 4Kw generator, still has all of its water tanks, includes an antique microwave, stove, oven, 2 way refrigerator & freezer, water heater and double sink. She’s very clean inside and no leaks or soft spots were found during my intensive interior inspection. The owner even has the original manuals for everything.

Now, don’t get me wrong. I’m not claiming that she’s perfect. Far from it. The reality is that she is a 33 year old RV. The tires have great tread, but like so many RV tires they have weather-checking from sitting exposed and unused for extended periods. They are serviceable enough for this initial time of owning her since I’m not taking it out on the road for a good while yet. Another issue with the tires is that they are on 16.5” rims. Back in the day, that was a “standard”. Today, not so much. Since it is important to be able to move her around as I may find necessary, the first order of business will be to get her re-shod with 16” rims and new tires. 7 rims, 7 tires. Looks like I’ll be working some overtime to pay for these things. I stopped at Leroy’s Auto Center in Bloomington to have the propane filled and put gas in the RV tank after picking her up and taking care of the title transfer.

Well, that’s all that I have time for right now. We’ll see you soon! If you have questions or comments, please post them!

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