Nevada Home State Questions

Nevada Home State Questions

by Felicia
(Kila, MT)

Hello everyone, we are doing our homework ahead of time before starting to full time RV. Our adventure will begin once our house sells here in Montana.

I have been pouring over all of the info regarding the best state to make as your home base. i have been reviewing health & auto ins., taxes, registration, etc.

We originally thought NV would be good because the health ins rates are quite low, however, vehicle registration is high. In looking into this state further, I came across something that has me a little confused and I'm hoping you can all assist me in some way.

The 30 day residency rule, does this mean if I want to vote, obtain a hunting license or register in NV that I have to stay in an RV park for 30 days prior to each event to show proof of residency?

Thanks for any help!


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Sep 07, 2011
Question for Bob on Florida as Home State
by: Ron

Hi Bob,

We just signed up with Good Sams mail service. When we get our drivers license what address will be on it. I believe they said it would be our VIN number of the motor home. Is that what you did?

What about insurance, can we keep our Michigan Auto Owners rep or do we need to get a Florida rep?



Aug 20, 2011
Not Sure About NV but FL
by: Bob

We are full timers and use Florida as our home of record. We were Fl residents prior to retiring and use Good Sam's Mail Forwarding. This also provides a physical address which we use for driver's license, vehicle and voters registration and billing for credit cards and such. We have been using it since last July and the only glich has been the FAA with my pilot's license. Somehow their system recognized it as a commercial address. Fl has no income tax and a fairly reasonable vehicle registration cost. NV does have the edge in privacy laws and is a lot more centrally located in the country. Good Sams also has a vehicle registration service that we have used when we bought a new Jeep in TX. For $100 they did all the leg work in Fl and mailed our tag to TX all before the temp tag expired.

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