Need Advice

Need Advice

by Danny
(Goose Creek, SC)

We are seriously considering full time RVing in the very near future and need some advice, tips, where to stay. We will be on a very tight budget. Any help or advice would be greatly appreciated. We live in SC. Thank you!

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Feb 25, 2014
need advice on saving money
by: Anonymous

i suggest not eating out alot...invest in a great grill and cook outdoors sometimes. google to see who has the nearest and cheapest gas prices. wash small items like undies, swimsuit, shorts and socks by hand and hang to dry.

invest in generator or solar so you dont always have to pay to stay at a campsite. buy in bulk when you find good deals on toiletries since you got plenty space to store tissue paper towels,etc. try baby wipes and put near bath so when you want to feel a lil more fresh you dont have to waste much water.

where house shoes to keep socks white. store trash in small grocery store bags and take out with you daily saves on trash bags and smells.

get to know your neighbors cause most are friendly and will be happy to show you things and even lend some tools. fireplaces make you use alot less heat and can heat the whole place. we go to simple campgrounds that are inexpensive but have necessities. goodluck and happy rving ...

Aug 18, 2011
Money Saving Tips
by: Eydie

If you are 62 or older you can purchase a Federal "Senior Pass'. It will cost $10.00 and is good for a lifetime. You will receive 50% off nightly camping rates at any National Park, Forest Service Parks, and U. S. Army Corps of Engineers Park. If you are disabled, you can get the "Access Pass" for free which gives you the same 50% discount.

Another thing that will save you money is to volunteer at a park for a month or so. You will be required to do a little work (20 hours per week) but you still have plenty of time to do whatever you want the rest of the time. My husband and I do this for the summer season in Monticello, Ky. You get to meet some really wonderful people.

You would be wise to invest in a washer/dryer. Laundry Mats are not fun and will cost an average $3.50 to $4 per load.

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