Finding A Great Mouse Repellent

Recently we needed to find a great mouse repellent for our RV. We hadn't had any issues with rodents or mice until a short time ago while visiting Northern Arizona.


We stayed in a beautiful RV park backed up to the Arizona high desert, where we could enjoy watching the wild deer, coyote, quail, chipmunks, hawks, and a wonderful array of birds just outside our window.

The tree on our RV spot made a perfect place to hang our bird feeders to attract the birds near our dining room window. The yellow finches came by the hundreds, and we were enjoying the display of wild birds.

Suddenly one evening a mouse ran through our living room scaring the dickens out of both of us! Apparently birds weren't the only critters we were attracting.

The next morning we checked our outside storage area where we kept the bird seed in empty water bottles and found that the mice had chewed the lids off the water bottles and feasted on the bird seed.

It was a real mess. So, now what do we do? We had to find some solutions for a great mouse repellent without tossing out all of the bird food.

Mouse Deterrent 101

First things first; we needed to check the entire RV for openings where rodents could slip in. A mouse can get through a really small opening. So what's your best defense? Check out these suggestions for a: mouse repellent, natural mouse repellent, electronic mouse repellent, or mouse deterrent.

  • Check for any openings they might be able to slip though. A mouse can sneak into a very small opening.

  • Use metal screen to cover any larger openings that are exposed.

  • Expanding foam works well for cracks and around fittings and pipes.

  • Stuff copper steel wool into cracks - mice don't like to chew on it.

  • Mothballs will work, but if you live in your RV it will probably give off too strong of an odor to live with.

  • Try a natural mouse repellent like Irish Spring soap. You can leave it in the box and place it in your storage and closets. The mice don't like the smell and will likely stay away from it.

  • Peppermint oil is another natural rodent repellent. You dab it on cotton balls and can stick 'em everywhere.

  • There is also a product available called "Fresh Cab" that is used to keep rodents out of farm equipment. It doesn't have an offensive odor, is reasonably priced and we've heard that it works pretty good.

  • We haven't tried the ultrasonic pest chaser or electronic mouse repellent, but it could be worth a shot if nothing else is getting rid of the critters.

  • We don't recommend poisoning the mice. They could crawl off and die in unreachable places in your RV causing a terrible odor! Traps work pretty good if you've already got them living in your RV. Just be sure to stop more from coming in with the options mentioned here.