More Work Than You Can Handle

More Work Than You Can Handle

by Ted Connely
(Washington State)

The place is Wiliston ND. In Wiliston they have found the biggest oil field ever, 24+ billion barrels of oil, looking for 500 truck drivers at $80,000.00 per year, a burger flipper at $15.00 per hr and any other profession you can name they are begging for. Problem is no lodging so bring your RV and start tomorrow. Now you can work and live the dream. Good luck!

P.S. They are looking for 1800 new employees every day.

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Nov 26, 2012
This just is not true at all
by: Freddie

I don't know when this was posted but I live and have lived in North Dakota for years and there is no way there are that many jobs available out there right now.

Consider the fact that when oil prices drop,so does drilling and the wells have cut back,it's posted in the paper every week and there are so many people our here seeking work there just sin't enough jobs and most are for skilled workers not laborers,sorry,but that is the plain truth.

And as the OP stated,bring your own RV as there is no housing,VERY TRUE,but there also isn't nearly enough RV parking anywhere and when winter hits up here off goes the utilities as it gets so cold.

Try keeping an RV with 1 inch walls warm when it is -50 outside and YES,it get's easily that cold with wind chills.

BEWARE,it isn't all what people state it is here people.

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