Models with Slides Facing Each Other

Models with Slides Facing Each Other

by Angie

We are looking to buy a new-to-us motorhome or 5th wheel and would like a model that has slides facing each other for the extra spacious feeling. Any suggestions?

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May 18, 2011
by: Irene

We have a 4o ft Fleetwood Discovery40G with a full side slide on the dinette/couch side and a large opposing kitchen slide. When opened, it feels very spacious. We have had times when we were parked at Walmart when we did not feel it was appropriate to open either slide. We still had easy access to the refrigerator, microwave, sink, and bathroom. Neither my husband nor I are small people being in the 200# range. But we were able to get around and even sit at the dinette to eat then later on the couch and watch TV with both slides in. We did sleep in the bed but this was not as easy access, as one person had to crawl over the other to get up for the bathroom. It was, however, quite workable. Usually we open at least the one full slide when parked at Walmart and that problem is alleviated. It was exceptional that we did not want to open either slide. Overall we are very happy with the Discovery. We are not full-timers yet but we are contemplating it.

Jan 01, 2011
Four Slides and loving it!
by: Loz

I agree in many ways with Barry and Linda - we don't travel that much with our rig - it gets set and does not move for 5 months! We Have a Prowler AX6 fifth wheel with 4 slides and two fireplaces - which is great for chilly nights - using park power for heat instead of propane! Opposing slides make our living area very spacious, but when she is closed up you can get to the bathroom and onto the bed in the nose, but that is about it. As far as pulling your slides in and out in a parking area, you'll use less power if you keep your rig plugged into the tow vehicle and the tow vehicle running.

Happy Camping!

Dec 15, 2010
Opposing Slides
by: Barry & Linda


Opposing slides sure do give that spacious feelin' but be careful. If your the folks that always overnights at a park or stay long term, opposing slides can be great. But some rigs with opposing slides don't allow any room to move through the coach when they are retracted, restricting use of many of the amenities. If you occasionally overnight at Wally World or somewhere else that it's not prudent to deploy the slides, or even stop for lunch along the road, then your in trouble.

Linda & I look at every rig with the idea of what we call 'Travel-ability'. Can we get to most everything when the slides are in? Can we move3 about the coach, cook, use the bathroom, access the bedroom? Use the refrigerator, stove or microwave?

Of course all slides block access to something. Our fifth wheel has 2 slides on the street side and when retracted block access to the entertainment center, we have a bedroom TV that we can watch. They also block access to the microwave, so we use the stove & oven then. If indeed you stop for lunch or overnight, sometimes some prior planning is required. Take out those couple of dishes or pots or pans or that silverware, hidden behind that retracted slide, that you'll need tonight when you stop & have supper.

You won't remember everything but you can adapt. After forgetting some items you'll start to think ahead. I'm sure parking lot 'Etiquette' would allow you to deploy a slide to retrieve some item needed to prepare your meal, then retract it immediately. Just remember your using lots of battery power to accomplish this.

Just our take on the subject, but gives you something to think about. If you have any further questions that I can answer, we can be reached through our Blog at www dot rv-anytimers dot com

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