Missing Full-Time RVing

Missing Full-Time RVing

by Lou Finkle
(MS Gulf Coast)

Sadness of losing a life-long wife led me to move into a motorhome. Not wanting to sit and grieve for another 6 months, I sold all and went on the road for 3 years. Magazine articles described my ramblings and joys of a few years wandering. And, then fate intervened. I met a pretty lady who was deeply entrenched in a large estate and business. We shared square dancing and local activities. Within a few years, settled in to a beach cottage, bought equal shares in chain of stores and used the rig only for Samboree rallies. Now I long for the carefree lifestyle to replace sedentary living!

Each night I walk out of my new cottage, enter the motorhome, watch TV, read and, occasionally, sleep there! This has been going on for more than a year. I lie in bed and think of how I lived at campgrounds, boondock, traveled and the hundreds of places I visited. I read my RV magazines, hang around full-timers at rallies and deeply regret leaving the full-time RV life.

My advice to any full-timer thinking of moving from full-time to home-bound ... think carefully. Think of more costs, less freedom, more local demands, greater clutter, less travel, etc... Full-timing occurs to few people. Once full-timing becomes a reality, we get complacent about its lifestyle. It becomes a daily "ho-hum", nothing to it! Then the thoughts return of maybe ... "been there, seen it, bought the t-shirt." But have we seen it all? I doubt it. I still see it ... in my mind, alone, while stagnating. Someday, I will return to free travel. For those of you who are still at it ... "hope to see you soon!"

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Apr 01, 2011
Lou, you need to get back on the open road.
by: Katie

I myself are in a similar situation. After my divorce 10 years ago I was a bit of a gypsy and moved around a lot, not sure where I was suppose to be in my life, so I was relocating quit a bit, which was pretty costly. I loved meeting new people and going to new places. I dream of living in an RV and roaming the country side and back roads of America and meeting the locals. I too met a wonderful man and settled down, we started a few business together and and bought 10 acres acquired 7 dogs and 10 chickens.

Responsibilities! I have found your posting because I am itching to go full time RVing. I did purchase an RV two years ago and it is road ready, I just have to figure out what to do with the 7 dogs and 10 chickens, who will run my businesses or do I give them up or try selling it. I am a bit impatient, I haven't given up and hopefully I can live out my dream of being a gypsy. I feel for you.

Feb 04, 2011
It's in the Blood
by: Rick

Like you, I retired from my military Job and stopped traveling, since 2005 I experienced working in the Corporate world living in a city, now its 2010 my house is closing in April, I bought a 13ft fiberglass uhaul CT-13 and am hitting the road fulltime!, not until I sold all my stuff and got the house on the market and retrofitting the new TT did I realize that I was smiling again and back to the person I liked!

I resigned my job and put some money away and am hitting the road to just live off my military pension and workcamp and take jobs where I want.
Find what's right for you and share that with her, you cant decide where to go next until you share this lifestyle with someone, it might be a whole different thing travel/ft live with someone on the road than when you remember..

Safe travels!


Oct 10, 2010
Tell her, she'll understand...
by: 59Cadillac

You clearly need to get back on the road to adventure. Tell your love and she'll you'll be pleasantly surprised that she will at least go on trips and she may even fall in love with the lifestyle too! Given time and patience, she may decide that full time is for her as well. It is so unconventional that many people don't consider it an option. But the fact that you love it so much will be very evident when you speak of it to her and because of her love for you, she'll have more interest in it because it obviously makes you happy.

Good Luck and I hope you travel soon!

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