Mini RV

A mini RV, also known as a Class C motorhome, is not as small as its name suggests. This type of RV is equal in size to fifth wheels and travel trailers, larger than pop ups and truck campers, and is shadowed only by the full size, Class A motorhome. It offers the same comforts as a Class A trailer, but at a cozier size and more affordable price.

Mini Motorhome, Fifth Wheels, and Travel Trailers

Mini motorhomes, fifth wheels, and travel trailers offer the same amount of space and living conveniences but they do have important differences.

  • The Class C motor coach sits on the frame of a van and does not have a dividing structure between the cab and the living quarters.

  • A fifth wheel is a completely separate vehicle that attaches to a pickup truck via a custom hitch in the truck bed. You must tow a fifth wheel but the advantage is that you can unhook it at the site and use your pickup for transportation.

  • Finally, the travel trailer is one that you must also tow, but it can attach to a bumper or frame hitch on a car, van, or truck.

Types of Mini Motorhomes

First designed over 40 years ago, the mini motorhome has seen many improvements and modifications. The Jayco motorhome was one of the original mini trailers, along with the Toyota mini motorhome, a vehicle forgotten by most. Designed to compete with the ever-popular VW van, which appeared in the 1960's, these campers provided the space of an RV with a smaller price tag.


Jayco Motorhomes

A quality mini RV with a good reputation, Jayco had no problem competing with the VW van, even during the energy crisis of the 1970's. Jayco motorhomes were not on the market very long when the crisis hit, causing production to stop. Closer to the 1980's, production started again, sales were high, and Jayco began to design its own custom cushions, drapes, tents, and other accessories for this trailer. Other new additions during this time included a domed roof, overhead wood cabinets, and awnings, all of which are now standard in Jayco?s new motorhomes.

Today, these Class C coaches boast fans, heated side view mirrors, a backup camera, touch screen wood dash, and pleated day and night shades, all of which are standard features. Some of the options available on this mini RV include a satellite kit, an LCD television, a navigation system, and paint protection as well as two DVD players and a 400-watt inverter.

Toyota Mini Motorhome

A mini RV with a small engine and a lot of weight behind it, this motorhome was not a consumer favorite. However, its good gas mileage and easy maneuvering capabilities were favorable attributes that persuaded some campers to make a purchase. Another selling point was that big name manufacturers such as Winnebago and Coachman designed the various floor plans. Unfortunately, these qualities were not enough to outweigh the competition and production of this model stopped in the 1990?s. Deemed a truck by most people, this micro motorhome eventually evolved into the Toyota Tacoma, a pickup truck still sold today.


Although the Toyota mini motorhome did not survive long-term production, some of the models still exist and are actually quite popular in the RV community. If you prefer a new mini RV, Jayco is still going strong and currently has three different Class C motorhomes for sale, though you might also like Coachman, Gulf Stream, Renegade, or Weekend Warrior. As for the VW van, if you don?t mind doing a little restoration, these vehicles are still in style.