Medicare and Residency

Medicare and Residency

by Roy and Pattie
(Pensacola, FL)

We have been full timers for 8 years now. We have changed residency 3 times during that period and now use Florida as our state of residency with American Home Base as our mail forwarding service. Sounds like Homeland Security is going to make our lifestyle even more challenging.

We are now facing a new wrinkle and haven't seen any discussion on this issue. My husband becomes eligible for Medicare in August and, boy, does that add a new set of challenges - Medigap or Medicare Advantage. Also, rates for coverage in Florida are VERY high so are considering another move, possible to South Dakota where rates are lower. Any advice from others who have reached this milestone? And how do we satisfy these new document requirements when we aren't tethered to utility bills, etc?

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Jun 18, 2010
by: Linda H

Like both of you, I too have been going crazy trying to figure out the Medicare issues. My experience is I'm on SSD & not close to 65. I have clarified 2 things....Any Medicare Advantage program in the state of FLA is HMO & county specific, not any good for those of us who travel the USA. Secondly you will not get accurate rates trying to 'plan ahead' for 'medigap ins'. The rest is still all a quagmire to me!

After talking to an agency within the state that helps with Medicare questions & a national Medicare help group, I was able to determine you have to be signed up for Medicare before you can get good accurate info for FLA.

So just last week got signed up for Medicare and am now waiting to get more info. We will be on the road before my Medicare kicks in and being able to sign up for a 'gap' policy. Fortunately my hubby's ins will be in effect until end of Aug, so that will serve as my 'secondary' until can get signed up for 'gap' ins.

I too would like to see help/suggestions.

Mar 25, 2010
Same Story
by: dave

Someone please comment on this. I'm in the same boat and have been going crazy trying to figure this out.

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