McMansion to an RV Living

McMansion to an RV Living

by Brad
(Gainesville, VA USA)

Single dad, kids have all moved on and I’m living in this big McMasion I don’t need any more. I work as a contractor and so pretty stable in the area I’m in. Irish my Jack Russell and I are going to downsize to a 30’ ish Class A RV.

I’m hoping we can spend a few weeks a year actually traveling in the RV, but for now it will be our version of “Small House”. I’m going to get a dog walker for Irish during my work day, so he can get out of the RV and do his business.

What other issues do I need to think about or prepare for? I’ll be 10 minutes from work if I use the closet camp site. But plan on checking out other local sites once we get into our routine.

Has anyone here done this type of living?
When I go to work, can I keep the RV cool in the summer and heated in the winter?

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