Managing Mail and Prescriptions

Managing Mail and Prescriptions

by BBSouth Carolina

Hubby and I are giving full timing some serious thought. One question I am not finding an answer to is: How does one get their mail delivered and medication refills?

We love this website. It's so informative. We look forward to getting out there and enjoying free time!

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Aug 18, 2011
Homebase and Such
by: Richard

I am not posting this because I consider myself an expert in this field. Far from it, but I've read and learned just as you are doing.

Many who follow and join use Florida as their home base. There is a business in Florida who will receive your mail and provide you a physical address. They will forward mail you may have there to wherever you happen to be at the time. You should google and read the abundant info they have. They have so many helpful tips about many different topics. We've learned a lot from them. There are threads of other full-time rvers comments. Those alone give a wealth of information.

Best of luck to you!

Aug 18, 2011
Mail, Meds, Dr's, Home Base
by: Anonymous

We are still planning to leave in the near future. Our plans have been delayed because o circumstances out of our control.

We are concerned about getting our home base in Florida. How do we go about doing this? Also we are on meds, and will need to have a good group of Dr's handy.

What do you recommend?

Aug 17, 2011
Address and Meds
by: Richard

My wife and I will be pulling out as soon as our house sells. We knew that changes were going to have to be made in many areas, so we checked into getting a permanent. We've learned that there are several states which allows people to have a physical address knowing they are full-time RVers.

South Dakota and Texas welcome us with open arms. Nevada is one that we ruled out early. Florida also allows folks like us to use their state as a home base. All offer a physical address.
We've pretty narrowed it down to Texas, not Connecticut where our son lives, because of the lower property taxes.

As far as drugs, we have that concern, too. We live in SW Missouri and will continue to use our PCP and pain management doctor here when we pass through. They're good about faxing prescriptions wherever we are. Other times we'll use the docs where we happen to be.

We'll use the drugs by mail thing if necessary. There's always a way around or a legal loophole for any obstacle.

Hope this tiny bit of info helps, and good luck!

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