Make Friends on the Open Road

Making Friends On the Open Road: Some Safety Tips

When you live in a house, you may have neighbors on either side of you. You probably have neighbors in front of you or behind you. You make friends in the neighborhood by the default of location. Work friends are made in the same way, by default of location and the shared misery of working the job. You make friends because you see them every day or because they like the same sports team with you. But, what if you are not living in the same place for twenty years? What if you do not even stay in the same place for twenty days at a time? How do you make friends on the open road when you are a full time RV-er?

RV Recreation

First, you will run into people in a number of places, in campsites, in motor lodges and in other RV friendly spots. You automatically have something in common with many of these people, including those who are full timers as well as those who only get out once or twice a year. Can you approach just anyone and become friends in the traditional sense of the word? Yes and no. Yes, you can approach someone and share some camaraderie and some laughs. You can share the great memories you made in your last town and the plans for the next town you are going to but you have to be careful about the information that you are giving to strangers, especially in these days of identity theft. Even people who do not live in houses can have their identity stolen and then used for malicious purposes.

Second, you will make friends who are of a different nature. You may have run into a few of these people from time to time, seeing new friends who are suddenly feeling more and more like old friends. You might even make plans to meet up with these people at events or at attractions during your travels. Again, be careful about the information that you are giving out and if you do make plans to meet up with folks, make sure that it is a legitimate place they are sending you, not a wild goose chase. Never drive up to an address that does not sound right or some "remote" camping location, especially if you are being sent there by people you do not know.

Third, if you are living as a full time RV-er with children or teens, make sure that they are following realistic safety rules as well. Teenagers may give out details to strangers that are inappropriate and may be more willing to sneak out of the RV to meet someone they think is cute.

Finally, remember that you can still run a background check on people if you are out in the middle of nowhere, as long as you have a cell phone and decent reception. If you do not, then always opt to err on the side of safety.