Mail Forwarding Options

Learn critical information about mail forwarding service, options and obstacles. Selecting a company to handle your mail is an important decision.

Mail Forwarding

Today there are plenty of options that will deliver not only your mail, but also all your packages on demand to wherever you happen to be.

The costs to forward mail can vary widely, so you'll want to consider all of your options to determine what's best for your situation in the long run.

One of the largest forwarding service used by full-timers is the Escapees. They cater to RV full-timers with quick and personalized service options; such as sending you only the mail you request in addition to other services. One unique thing about Escapees is the ability to use your Escapees address as your domicile address since they are also an RV Park. We'll talk more about domicile in another article.

USPS offers mail forwarding at no cost for up to one year. However, on demand requests are not offered, and you cannot change the address every time you change RV Parks. You will also be limited when it comes to package deliveries. No Fed Ex or UPS deliveries are accepted. That can be a real problem for people like us who receives regular shipments of medications via UPS.

Another option is a UPS or authorized mail-receiving agent. They offer a variety of forwarding service options and do accept and forward packages as well as mail. Single delivery requests are also common with these services. In our experience the service you receive varies by location as these establishments are independently owned and operated.

If you're lucky enough to have a trusted family member or friend willing to forward your mail that can be a very cost effective option.

Before selecting a mail forwarding service consider the following:

  • Do they provide a street address versus a PO Box, so you can receive UPS & Fed Ex Shipments?

  • Will they provide assistance with residency and voters registration? This may be important for you to declare domicile in the state.

  • Will they ship your mail on the same day you call or when you request it sent?

  • Are they flexible enough to meet your changing travel plans?

  • Are they are organized and professional enough to ensure accuracy.

  • Do they provide detailed monthly statements showing all ship to addresses and charges?

  • Do they provide multiple communication methods such as access via phone, email & fax?

  • Can they ship via US Postal Service, UPS, and Fed Ex & DHL?

  • Do they offer an inactive service option when you are not traveling, so you won't pay for the service when you are not on the road?

  • Will they check for an importance piece of mail when asked?

  • Do they have a friendly and courteous service team?
  • The decision to forward my mail started like this. Since our children and family members lead extremely busy lives with work and children we decided not to burden them further with the chore of handling our mail (we get a lot of mail).

    When we started as full-timers we used the USPS mail forwarding option at to save on charges. We thought it would be simple to change our address since we were only moving every 8 to 12 months. Big mistake! Even though we diligently sent new address information to all contacts some of our mail was returned to sender when our one year of free forwarding ran out. We needed a California mail forwarding service at the time.

    Next we went with a Postal Place agent that we liked and trusted. This decision also turned out to be a mistake. Our job transferred in 8 months and the agent forwarded our mail fine, but charged us surcharges that were out of this world. Getting our mail suddenly became VERY expensive.

    Finally we decided to go with Escapees confidential mail forwarding. We have used their RV mail forwarding service for several years now and it has been outstanding. They are flexible enough to meet our changing needs the fees are reasonable, and I no longer have to worry about mail being returned to sender.