There Is No Such Thing as Lost

There Is No Such Thing as Lost in Your RV

Once you become a full time RV-er, you may have made quite a few decisions about your life. You may have decided to sell your home and accept that you will not have a permanent residence. You might have sold most of the stuff that was weighing you down, including the treadmill that was buried under four inches of undisturbed dust. You may have even cashed in a few of your old accounts, moving every thing to accounts that you can access from anywhere in the country. Now, you are about to lose one more thing: the right to call yourself lost. Once you get into that big steel horse and start wandering, you are not lost; there is no such thing.

Lost in Your RVBack in the old days, you probably got on a congested freeway, fighting with others to all get to different places, all lying in the same direction and all of you trying to get there at the same time. You were probably elbow deep in humanity, thinking of open roads with the wind in your face and not another soul around. Back then, you could get lost on the way to here or there, dealing with detours that kept you from where you had to be. These days, you are not limited to one particular destination. If you do not know exactly where you are going, if you do not have a set destination, then you cannot get lost.

Working for a living meant living for your work. Every time you went to work, a portion of the money you earned was already spoken for by the government. If you paid into a retirement fund, then part of your check went to that as well. If you had the company's health insurance, another chunk of your cash went to that too. Every cent was earmarked before they even cut that check and how much of it did you get to enjoy, realistically? And, think of this: What if you paid into that retirement fund for twenty years and just before you could actually see the end of the tunnel, the company went belly up, destroying all that you have built up in the process? It is a common enough theme; it happens all of the time. So, there you are, financially lost, thinking that you will never figure out how to make it, faced with having to start over.

Out there on the open road, the wind in your face, your bed traveling along right behind you, the person that you love sitting in the seat beside you, maybe even the family dog, you are not lost. You don't have to fight through traffic because you can choose a route that takes you around the hustle and bustle of human life, out and around the big cities and away from the congested freeways. Once you are a full time RV-er, there is just no such thing as lost.