Long Term RVing

Long Term RVing

by Edward
(Alb, NM)

When staying at a site for a few months with full hookups which is better, leaving your waste water valves black & grey open or closed?

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Feb 16, 2012
Tanks and Such
by: Richard

To expand on what the couple others have said, I'll toss this in. First, especially if you purchase new, be sure your termination valves are labeled correctly. Ours wasn't. It took me a few days to determine which was which because I have a black tank and two grey tanks.

Another thing I highly recommend is a clear elbow with a water jet port on it to attach to the main drain pipe, then hook your sewer line to it. It is awesome and eliminates the "need" to use the water from the grey tanks to flush the pipe.

One more thing. If you are equipped with a black tank flush port, use it often. We full-time and I flush the black tank every couple weeks, not every two months.

Hope this helps and good luck to you!

Feb 15, 2012
Tanks Open or Closed
by: ReadyToGoFullTimeRVing

Never, ever, ever leave your black tank OPEN...if you do, all the paper and other goodies will get stuck to the bottom of the tank and you will need a black tank proctologist to do surgery, it will not be a pretty sight.

Seriously, keep the black tank closed, use lots and lots of water to allow the solids to disintegrate and as a RV tech explained to us, flush out your black tank with fresh water only every three months or so.

He even suggested using Cascade Dishwasher Gel on moving day as it is designed to break down proteins and also has lubricants built in to protect the seals of the dishwasher. So should also be safe for the seals of your tank.

We have been using this method for over three years, rarely ever get any smells. Only if we forget to dump once a week.

Whether you leave the gray water open or closed is up to you. We leave ours open, as we have a washer on board that will back up into the bathtub if we forget, and let the gray tank get too full. YUCK!

Good luck,


Feb 15, 2012
Open or closed??
by: Mike and Dee

When camped for an extended period we keep the black tank closed and the grey tank open until a day before we need to dump the black tank, then we close the grey tank to accumulate some water in it. After dumping the black tank, the grey tank is opened and emptied, then we flush the black tank. Hope this helps.

Mike and Dee

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