Living Skinny...[Part 2]

Living Skinny...Part 2

by Mary
(Gettysburg, PA)

While compiling Part 1 of 'Living Skinny'... I was certain there would be a sequel as you never stop learning new and innovative ways how to spend less and experience greater satisfaction, organize better to fit more of the things you love, cut corners without sacrificing quality of your life on wheels. Like I said in the earlier post, it's a process. and at the very moment you think you have a handle on living skinny, you find it's time to downsize again. I know now that 'Living Skinny' is much deeper than a two part 'how to' instructional blog entry. Here in Part 2 I'll describe how we made an investment in our life on wheels by taking advantage of a good thing when it was available for the taking because we knew one day we would be glad that we did. Stay tuned for Part 3, this has the makings of a mini series.

I mentioned in Part 1 that we knew early on we were going to live Full Time in a motorhome so as an investment in our future we prepared by making some purchases when the price, not necessarily the time, was right. Shortly after our first family vacation while raising and homeschooling a bevy of children we quickly realized we weren't going to be able to afford vacations. When an opportunity came our way to purchase a membership to TRA (Travel Resorts of America) RV Park that would enable us to camp for free whenever we wanted, we jumped on it. The initial membership cost at the time seemed pricey but since that time the price has more than doubled. We now benefit from all the improvements and upgrades to our home park without the cost of todays upgraded membership prices.

Included in that home park membership is a sister park in another state we're able to camp in free, and AOR (Adventure Outdoor Resorts) and CC (Coast to Coast) discount camping affiliate memberships. Both of these allow us to camp for $8 and $10 per night at campgrounds across the country. While at an RV Show several years ago, we were given the rare opportunity to purchase a lifetime membership to PA (Passport America) for an unusually low 'Show Price'. Knowing our future plans we thought it was a good investment and bought the PA Lifetime membership. This allows us to camp half price at designated campgrounds across the United States. We are lifetime Good Sam Club members and more recently we became members of FMCA (Family Motor Coach Association). All of these have their own perks for the Full Timer. Last but certainly not least, this past summer, via an email promotion through TT (Thousand Trails) we were offered a Zone membership. This membership enables us to camp the entire eastern half of the United States for free. This particular promotional membership fee was waived and our only cost was the annual dues. We have recently realized, utilizing our accumulated memberships, we can now live for an entire year for what it cost us to live in rent per month after we sold our home. That is like living RENT FREE for eleven months out of twelve. Our investment in our Full Time lifestyle is certainly paying for itself.

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Jun 23, 2011
by: Sandra

What a wealth of information for someone who is wishing to make this a dream come true, some time in the near future!!! I've contemplated this move on and off since I was 25 years old. I'm now 43 and paying $965.00 monthly rent in a luxury apartment. Someone's getting rich and it's not me! I want to move into a travel trailer soon to invest in a home for my future adventures. My 19 year old is never home and will eventually marry or move out. I don't want to rush her and I will make my move as soon as she's ready to go out into the real world on her own. Thanks for the great posting! I will continue to do my homework which includes reading future postings on this wonderful website!

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