Living La Vida Loca (Broke-a)

Living La Vida Loca (Broke-a)

by Gail
(Sonoma County, California)

When it came close to my husband's retirement we were worried about how we were going to afford our large mortgage and high utility bills. I also scaled down my income by working one 4.5 hour job instead of two part time jobs.(50 hrs a week). We decided to buy a fifth wheel, park it our second lot next to our house and rent out the house. We rented to our son, and so far it is working well. We have been living in our rv full time for 13 months now and have the money to travel to our second home in Baja, Mexico. Our long range plan is to spend six months (winter) there and six months here in California. Most stories I have read about rv living are about traveling in the rv. This is a stationary rv that has not moved since it was moved to its home next to our other "home". It has been challenging at times, but I have not regretted leaving all the expense of a four bedroom, two bath home.

As we do not have a 401k to rely on and plan on living on our Social Security, we saw no other option. I have many friends my age who are wondering what their options are, with their limited incomes.

We have a nice yard, and ample outside space. We also still have access to the laundry facilities in our son's home.(Sweet!) I have seen many other fifth wheels parked next to homes that looks like they are being lived in so I know there are others out there doing the same.

The winter time that we have spent in the rv is probably the most challenging. Not being able to spend as much time outside,can be tiresome. If you don't like close living this is not for you. The awning filled up with water one rainy night and it was quite an adventure.

Since it is only the two of us, we only have to pump the septic once a month at $60. We have phone and internet and our electric is minimal. Our gas(propane)runs about $60 a month in winter and half that in summer.

As I am still working so traveling in our rv is not a option. With the gas prices as high as they are here in California that would really cut into our living budget.

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