Living in our motor home during winter

Living in our motor home during winter

Please help. This is a first for us during winter and we need to know tips regarding keeping our water from freezing and keeping the interior airtight, etc. Any tips would be appreciated. Thanks a lot!

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Jan 10, 2010
by: Janice

This winter we're volunteering in N. Arizona and it is C-O-L-D. I knew it would be cold but not like this. Unless you have double-paned windows, get yourself one of those window covering kits that you dry with a hair dryer. Cover all windows. (It can be a pain in the neck but it doesn't take long.)Then, just to make sure, cover them again with that silver reflecting material (you can get it at any of the large hardware stores like Home Depot.) That and an electric heater keeps us warm.

Jan 04, 2010
Rving in the winter
by: Sharon

If you're RVing in the winter your comfort level will depend a lot on how well insulated your motor home is. Some RVs are very well insulated and would be more comfortable for a full timer in a colder climate.

If you are going to be using your water system you may not encounter freezing water lines like you would if they were not winterized or used at all. You should still wrap some water hose insulation around them for protection from the elements.

When we were in Oregon we ran a small electric heater in the storage area of our fifth wheel to prevent the water lines from getting too cold. It would automatically turn off and on as the temperature dropped especially at night. You'll want one with the safety feature that will turn it off should it fall over for any reason and make sure to keep the space around it clear...don't crowd it or you could start a fire!

A tank heater is also a good idea if you're in a really cold area.

Condensation could be a problem as you continue to keep the inside of your motor home warm while it's freezing outside. Moisture could build up inside your coach just from living in it, but using a dehumidifier can help with this.

Any RV with fiberglass insulation and thermo-pane windows will have less condensation, but if you don't have these just use the dehumidifier and air out your coach every now and then.

You might want to check to see if motor home skirting is available for your RV. It could help keep the wind and snow from getting under your motor home. I've seen this used on trailers that will be sitting for awhile, although I haven't seen a motor home with it.

Make sure you have the proper additives to winterize your engine based on the manufacturers directions. A gasoline or diesel additive generally prevents freezing or gelling of fuel.

Also, don't let snow build up on your slides or roof. You'll have to keep it cleaned off to prevent damage.

Many people enjoy winter RVing, but we prefer to head south for the winter.

I hope this information helps you. Anyone experienced at winter RVing is welcome to contribute to this topic.

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