Lightweight Travel Trailers
Small Campers for Full Time Rving

Lightweight travel trailers make sense in today's world of high fuel costs. Small travel trailers offer economy, easy maneuverability, traditional conveniences, dependability and quality all at a lower price.

Selecting a small camper trailer that is easy to tow and aerodynamic will provide high fuel efficiency. These light weight travel trailers are very easy to maneuver. Their compact size makes getting into RV spots easier. Many of these small RVs can be towed by small cars, SUVS, mini vans, or a small truck.

Lightweight Travel Trailers

Small camping trailers are convenient and may include all the appliances available in larger trailers. Some of these small RVs come with a hard shell fiberglass exterior for strength, dependability and security. Others are fully furnished and offer upgrade options and customizable design elements from appliances, layouts, extra lighting and luxury items. These lightweight travel trailers can be very adaptable, have good resale value, and hold up well with continued use.


Lightweight Travel Trailers;Burro Travel Trailer

Burro travel trailers have been a familiar site on the highways. The Burro travel trailer costs less to tow than heavier types of trailers. A light-weight burro trailer is durable, reliable and easy to tow. Available in 14' and 17' with 3-way refrigerator, air conditioner, shower, TV antenna, awning and toilet in the 17' model. The burro is insulated for comfort and has a variety of additional options available.


Lightweight Travel Trailers;Airstream Travel Trailer

Several lightweight travel trailers are available in the airstream trailers line. The Sport model is a new addition and is available in a 17' or a 22' length. The sport is designed to be easy to use and easy to tow. It is a lightweight and compact airstream travel trailer. It is an excellent choice for those looking for a vintage look with modern conveniences. Another choice for a lightweight travel trailer is the DWR Airstream with a classic modern design. It is easy to hook-up and maneuver, while saving on fuel. Check their website for more airstream campers.


Lightweight Travel Trailers;Scamp Travel Trailer

The company has been building small camping trailers since 1972. The Scamp travel trailers are built to order. These small scamp trailers are aerodynamic in design, durable, and a lightweight travel trailer. Scamp travel trailers can be towed by small cars, SUVS, mini vans, and trucks. The aerodynamic design means more fuel economy. These lightweight camping trailers have a hard shell fiberglass design that is very durable and easy to tow and maneuver. There are currently available in several sizes from the 13' lightweight travel trailer, a mid-size 16' and a larger yet light weight fifth wheel. Scamp's small camping trailers offer luxurious options from air conditioning, awnings, furnaces and microwaves.


Lightweight Travel Trailers;Casita Liberty Deluxe

The casita travel trailer is lightweight, durable, sturdy, well insulated and aerodynamically designed for high fuel efficiency. They are easy to tow and affordable. Currently available in 13', 16, and 17' lengths. A casita trailer comes with dining area, spacious bath and shower, rear bed options, picture windows, and captain chairs depending on the model you select. Casita travel trailers don't have a lot of storage space for full time rving, but all the necessities, and a few luxury items are available in these light travel trailers.

Mini Travel Trailer

Many mini travel trailers are available that are super light weight, safe, easy to maneuver, with great fuel efficient towing. Some brands include Trail Lite Travel Trailer by R-Vision, Inc. and the Fun Finder X from Cruiser RV, Inc. These mini travel trailers come in a variety of lengths and feature innovative designs, and high quality craftsmanship. Forest River produces several lines of lightweight fifth wheels and travel trailers also. These small campers are roomy and beautiful with all the convenient features you'd expect in these mini lite trailers.

Pickup Truck Camper

A pickup truck camper is another option for fuel efficiency and easy maneuverability. These small truck campers are spacious and come with many conveniences generally associated with larger RVs. If these lightweight travel trailers aren't quite roomy enough for your full time Rving lifestyle check out the small motorhomes article for more small RV options.

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