Kings Canyon RV Travel

Sharon's absolute favorite RV Trip was to Kings Canyon National Park. It is a U.S. National Park in the southern Sierra Nevada, east of Fresno California.

Our RV road trips have been so much fun. We feel so lucky to be living and traveling in our RV.

Kings Canyon Tunnel Rock

Here are some highlights from our RV trip we hope you'll enjoy. We entered at the Ash Mountain Visitor Center. About 1.6 miles from the entrance is a granite boulder called Tunnel Rock.

The Civilian Conservation Corps dug the tunnel beneath the rock and faced the dirt wall with rock, finishing the work in 1938. The General's Highway is the major scenic road in the park. There was construction underway to repair and upgrade this historic road while we were there. It's a beautiful scenic drive through giant sequoias, mountains and streams.

We took photos in Grant Grove home of General Sherman tree. General Sherman is the largest giant sequoia in the Grant Grove section of park with a height of 267.4 ft and the circumference at the base of 107.6 ft! The tree is believed to be between 2,300 and 2,700 years old!

General Sherman is the nation's Christmas tree and our only living national shrine, commemorating Americans who lost their lives in war.

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