Just 16 more short days...

Just 16 more short days...

by Marsha N
(North Carolina)

Yes, 16 more days and we begin our FULL-TIME RV life. Unfortunately we can't travel yet, the hubby has little more time before retirement. Plus, the TT we have acquired is '97 - 27' Dutchman / 1 slide. Would like to get a motor home between 24' & 30' to use to travel the US.

We see them all over the place but not enough cash right now , therefore; the PLAN... to live in the TT and SAVE SAVE SAVE... we have crunched the numbers and are confinent we can save upwards of $500 month just by moving into the TT parked in a local campground. This location will put the hubby closer to his current JOB. Not to mention we will save on rent/cable/internet ELECTRIC !! Hey the campsite monthly fee is LESS than our electric bill in the 3 br/1 b house we are currently renting. We will get free Wi-Fi, and things like pool, mini-golf, etc etc.. all included in the site rental... all that is EXTRA or non-existent where we are now. So I AM READY, yes.

Only 16 more days to downsize the 'stuff' === clothes , whatnots , computer desks ... you get the picture.. OH MY WORD.. pictures.. this is my goal today.. to finish sorting thru the family photos and discard most. Keeping only the ones that are simply unbearable to part with, but making sure not to keep all those 'duplicates'...
Many and I mean many will just be added to the ones my family has , that is if they want them.. otherwise here comes the refuse collector's truck.

Truly previous posters I have read articles from, all over the WWW... had it right the photos are probably the most difficult thing to part with... but we must accept that the memories are with us always. OK, so maybe my memory fades in the future... then the memories won't bother me cause I won't remember what I forgot LOL...

Anyway, hope to post again after we get settled in the campsite.


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Jun 11, 2012
Newer Update
by: Marsha

OK, we found a 1984 Southwind in our price range...the previous owner was very good at showing us the systems and operations (from his back yard). I must note ahead of time,hubby and I are NOT dissatisfied with our purchase... after all what should one expect for $2500. Which was actually $2000 down and $100 month for 5 months.

We however; have found a couple of things that will delay our actually 'hitting the road'. We are currently still in the local campground, and hubby has not left his 'job' as of this writing.
The delays:

1) After the fact, found the on-board propane tank is unusable. Still has 1/4 tank, but regulator went out, and for whatever reason it will not allow more gas to go in. After local gas company viewed it, they suggest removing and replacing it with NEW one... best estimate at this point is $250.00 to do this. *Temp fix is a tank sitting by the side of our unit... won't work for 'in-transit operations' uggg.

2) Opps gas gauge doesn't operate, constantly shows FULL ???

3) Can't or haven't figured out how to make the fridge go to electricity instead of gas.

Anyone have any suggestions or tips I'm all ears :)


Very good radial tires, all six of them.

34' ... perfect length for us.

Walk around bed in back, one of the important items for me.

Has on board vac system, if I can find replacement hose(s) and nozzles.

Awning in great shape, obviously not original to the RV.

The fridge is newer as well, but sure would like to figure out why it won't operate with electric power.

Micro, 4-burner stove/oven, hot water heater...all work great! I could even turn temp down on HW heater if I can figure out how. LOL

Ok,I admit we are still very new at this and have sooo much to learn. I know too, this is long winded, but any info you may have and willing to share, will be appreciated.

Have a goal to leave the local area within the next 3 months... and head down to Fla, visit some family there for a bit, before continuing on to wherever the road may lead.

Happy Camping to All
Thanks and GOD BLESS

Jan 04, 2012
by: Marsha and Joe

We have been in our 26' TT for 3 full months (since 10/1/2011)... Definitely decided this is the life for us, so now are very actively searching for that "MOTORIZED" unit.
Limited funds, but we are convinced and devoted to doing IT.

Not likely to wait for hubby to be able to 'retire'... plan now is to find the right unit, make the purchase and hit the road. Life is way too short, and there is no guarantee that either of us will still be around or even healthy enough to travel, thus our decision is to just "do it". Prayers and good wishes most appreciated.

Hope to see you down the road some day soon.


Oct 01, 2011
Moving IN
by: Marsha

It is 7 a.m. and today is the day we move into our 27' TT. Will pull it to the campsite a little later this morning, first got to have our coffee.

Sorry I have not commented in nearly 2 weeks, but as you can imagine I have been very hard at work, with the downsizing process. Yes, I got the pictures under control, found homes for the most prized pieces of furniture with family members.
Things are really looking up, today I am sure is going to be great and tonight expect to sleep very very well in the camper trailer.

Will again try to keep posting as our RV lifestyle progresses and expect to post at least one picture of our new home(site).

Wish us well.. me , hubby and the 2 chis.

Sep 15, 2011
Downsizing House for the Mobile Life
by: Calud

Isn't it a great feeling when you are downsizing and the excitement of the coming journey is finally getting there!

I spent a year taking a few photos at a time and scanning them into digital format and saving them on a portable drive since I was going to bring my laptops with me on the trip anyway!.

My daughter who is a Drama and Arts major was the lucky recipient of the photos and I passed on the digital copies made to her too.. this way they will never get lost!

Last week I read my last hard bound book, (I had brought ten novels at the beginning of my trip) and when I finished the last one I finally went out and bought my kindle!.. now I dont have to worry about storage space for the books nor the weight. I travel alone in a Ford Bronco and 13ft Uhaul CT-13 a 13ft fiberglass Egg, so space and weight are important. LOL.

Have fun! and glad that someone else has realized that "downsizing" in todays economy is the right thing to do!...

Happy Trails!


Sep 15, 2011
15 days and counting..
by: Marsha

Yesterday my biggest goal was to complete the picture sorting task. Well, folks sorry to say I didn't get that done. However; I did successfully make a few bucks by 'yard selling' some of the things we will not be able to take with us. A second note on this is that my neighbors daughter actually depends on yard selling to raise grocery funds, so everything I have left at the end of this next few days I am donating to her. I'm certain there will be lots of goodies left over and hoping she can get at least a week's worth of grocieries from it.

Till later, HAPPY TRAILS :)

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