Internet question for fulltime rving medical coders

Internet question for fulltime rving medical coders

by Hannah
(Tulsa, OKlahoma)

Hi all,

I am considering becoming a full-time RV and plan for work remote as CDI RN, which is a nurse that audits physician documentation much like a medical coder.

I am wondering how medical coders manage the security issues of handling patient information in a constantly changing environment.

How much data do medical coders use every month and how much does it cost? I am currently with Verizon and my partner has a unlimited grandfather plan with Verizon. I'm really sure what my options are at this point with the security issues in mind. Can I even use my Verizon plan as a hotspot or do I have to use satellite internet?

If I max out my cellular data, would I be able to use coffee shop Wi-Fi with a secure network or do healthcare companies not allow that?

I know this is a lot of questions, there is just a lot to figure out if this is something I can do in my line of work.


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