Insurance on 5th Wheel Camper

Insurance on 5th Wheel Camper

by Debbie
(Shelby, NC, USA)

If I am going to live in my 5th wheel camper for an extended period of time do I need to carry insurance on the camper itself?

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Jul 17, 2012
by: Camper4Lifex2

I can only answer for the state which I live in, which happens to be North Carolina.

NC Ins companies are not allowed to insure a camper/RV for 'full-time occupancy" I currently can only acquire liability ins. which basically for me amounts to NO COVERAGE, since I currently am parked permanently in a campground.

This simply means that should a storm destroy/damage my motorhome, I am screwed.
No protection for my personal belongings (everything I own) in case of total destruction of any type.

I know I am out on a 'wing and a prayer' but until I can get mobil .. here I sit "UNprotected"

Best of wishes
and Happy Camping to you.

P.S. Only saving grace for us is ...the MH isn't worth more than $3500 anyway... it would be personal property that would be the worse loss... if there was one.

Jul 16, 2012
Insurance on Camper
by: Cowgirl Kathi

Hello! In answer to your question, I would imagine that you would want to insure your camper whether you live in it for extended periods or just use it occasionally. But from what I can gather, your insurance company might give you a hard time if you DON'T have a permanent home address.

I am probably going to go this route (full-timing) as soon as I can sell this farm and have done some preliminary research on the subject of insurance, but am feeling fairly certain that the laws about insuring an RV/Camper may vary from state to state. Check with your insurance agent and be sure!

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