I love this site!!!! It's me Kim

I love this site!!!! It's me Kim

by Kim
(Stafford, Virginia)

I am not sure where on here I found my question, it was just there!!, the ? I had previously contacted/asked ref: mfg's out of business. I was so excited to see it there, I had no idea! I will learn my way around eventually, but by far this is the best site I have found during my research for my class c full time motorhome. Yeah, I will be selling the house, crossing my fingers for the chance to pay cash...my credit is less than desirable. I suppose I am lucky that I even have a house to sell. I am going full time because that is perfect for me. I had thought I needed a house, but I really thought about it and realized, I can have a camp fire every night and roast weenies and marshmallows until I can't stand them anymore, but I will never be tired of the camp fire and the happiness of meeting others who are enjoying themselves. They can only do this part time, I will be doing it full time... I am very happy in my decision. The research is tough. I live in Virginia, east coast gal. First I wanted a truck camper, then a travel trailer and finally have definitely decided on a class c motorhome. It will be me and one medium sized dog (named Jezebel) and 2 elderly felines. The more research I do, the more I learn but it is daunting! Some mfg's don't list there base prices and that makes it difficult to choose. I know what I am looking for, I just need to find a reasonable price with all of my bells and whistles added. I will mostly be staying on the east coast, smoky mountains, Virginia mountains, and east coast southern states beaches...myrtle to Florida. It isn't easy finding clubs that stick to this side of the USA. I do feel some, not much concern for people judging me based on appearance, I am a retired female police sergeant, yet I have tattoo's, drink beer and smoke filtered cigars...some people, me included, size you up, and make a determination of your character. Yes, I am a character, that I do not deny. Take time to get to know me, regardless of your life style and you will have fun! guaranteed! I have blathered on enough. Thanks for listening. See ya soon! Kim

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Feb 08, 2011
Did You Get Your Class C
by: Mark


I don't know if you got your class c or not, but I just wanted to put my two cents in.

I purchased a used class c five years ago now. Before purchasing it, my wife and I must have gone into hundreds of different units, class c, A, fifth wheel, etc.

There was always something just "off". For example, it might have the perfect layout, then there would be bunk beds that we had no use for.

Finally, I told an RV dealer, "this is what I want, if you come across this at a good price, let me know", and gave him my number.

A couple of weeks later he called us to let us know he had a Class C with 2200 miles that was seven years old. The owner was sick and couldn't use it.

We had it checked out, and got it for about $30,000 less than the same model new. I told my wife if we don't like it we can always turn it in.

We had such a great deal that the book value is still up where we paid for it, but my wife has no intention of turning it in!

Jul 26, 2010
Thanks Sharon
by: Kim again

Your right! I need to go all class "c" models within 200 miles of here, just to find out for certain, the must have from the don't wants. I don't know if you have seen my other entry about my art and collectibles that I really want to keep and turn my motorhome into MY motorhome by surrounding myself with things I love. I have a few idea's reference displaying them, but more research and advise is needed. My RV will be my full time home, east coast mostly, beach and mountains, especially the Smokies. If I just pull a model off the lot and don't add my personal touch, then I am a lemming. I am artistic by nature and have creations I want to display and look at to make it my home. I do get a constant retirement salary,and a house to sale. I have to sell the house first because of bad credit so I can pay cash for the RV and the three wheel motorcycle I am considering. (lol) for those local jaunts to town. I am thinking that some of the collectibles could be attached to a swing type shelving unit hung in front of the window, I will still be able to see outside. How do I contact you? Do you have a site?


Jul 23, 2010
Hello Kim
by: Sharon

Deciding which RV to choose is a huge decision. It helps to think about what your budget will allow and how you plan to use the RV. If you will travel constantly or do more destination RVing like the folks who like to winter in Arizona (snowbirds).

A class C - even a larger one may be very close quarters for full-timers. Ultimately though it depends on the individual and their plans.

I recommend you walk through tons of RVs before making a decision.

Sorry I haven't responded sooner.

Good luck with your choices. All the best, Sharon

Jul 15, 2010
More Happening with Kim
by: Kim, me again

Thanks Carol, for responding to what I said. I am still going nutty with research, I have just discovered the world of used motorhomes and the really good prices. I do know you have to be careful though, especially if the model has been rented instead of owned. I just can't believe the difference in prices. My new motto is "No stone unturned in my research. I jump to conclusions to quick, like not wanting to even look at class 'A' models because I thought for sure they were priced out of my ball park and hard to drive, but I won't know until I look and see. I am still going through all of my belongings, trying to decide what to sell, what to keep. So I am thinking I gotta go for a big "c" or a small class "a". All I know for sure is I want Diesel (lol)

Jul 15, 2010
Going Full Time Without the Best Credit
by: carol

Hey Kim,

My husband and I are full time as of May and having a ball. We are trying to live on $1300 a month. So far it is working but I know that we are being unrealistic. It would cost us a lot more to live in a conventional house and we wouldn't be having nearly so much fun. Good luck on your search, my vote would be for a class c.

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