I don't like the available dealer I am working with.

I don't like the available dealer I am working with.

by Kim, Again
(Stafford, VA)

He talked me into coming to an RV show, that had a couple of the class c bunk models I wanted to see and evaluate, and then he ignored me when I wanted to see the outside storage. He left me alone the entire time to explore the interiors and models alone. I have decided (finally) that I want a Class C coachmen Freelander 32BH, but I am not happy with the rv dealership that seems to be the only one for 250 miles. Any ways, I wont forget the lower price they had for the show, it was like 20 grand off the regular price. I did not like the interior colors and have found that other colors are available from the mfg. He doesn't answer my email questions and I don't know what to do. The hunt has been frustrating enough, but to have to deal with a dealer that ignores you is sooooo frustrating. Like I have said before, I am a 47 yr old female with tattoos and probably do not look like I have any money. (lol) but I demand respect, even if it is going to be 2-3 months until I sell my home. At this point, I am willing to travel much farther than 250 miles, that is how upset with them I am. This isn't the first time I have had problems with dealers that appear to not want to deal with you because you don't have the money yet, until you sell your house. As a matter of fact, this is my 3rd time firing a dealership. lol

I have asked the Coachmen mfg, to let me know of all dealers in the US. I am retired and will go and get my RV, regardless of where it is. Maybe the mfg, will deliver direct? hmm...interesting concept. Is it even possible? Please read all of my crazy blogs so that you can see my evolution in this process of choosing...I am at least happy that I have chosen my model.

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